Historic Map - Oakland, CA - 1900

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Oakland, California, 1900. Mutual L. & Lith. Co. Published by F. & H. Soderberg.

After being inhabited by Native Americans, the area that was to become Oakland was claimed by Spanish explorers in the late 17th century. The land became part of Alto California after the Mexican War for Independence, and the region was later conquered by American forces during the Mexican-American War. In 1852, during the California Gold Rush, the town was incorporated by the California legislature. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the city. Complete reference list below. 

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Hall of Records.
  2. California Bank, D. Edward Collins, J.W. Phillips, Frank. H Brooks ; Twelfth & Washington Sts.
  3. Oakland Tribune, Office 413, 415, 418 Eighth St.
  4. First Unitarian Church, Fourteenth & Castro Sts.
  5. Residence of J.T. Barraclough, Esq., Piedmont ; D.F. Oliver, Architect. ; Macdonough Bldg. Oakland ;
  6. Pacific Coast Lumber Mill, H.C Kendall (Vice President), A.K. Kendall (President), N.C. Kendall (Secy & Treas.)
       White Cedar, Redwood & Douglas Fir Lumber, Mouldings & Mill Work ; Cor. Grove & Second Sts.
  7. The Union Savings Bank, W.G. Henshaw (President), A.E.H. Cramer (Cashier) ; Cor. Broadway & Ninth St.
  8. Laymance Real Estate Co., 460-462 8th St.
  9. Residence of E.M. Walsh, Esq., Linda Vista Terrace ; D.F. Oliver, Architect ; Macdonough Bldg. Oakland
10. St. Francis De Sales Church, Cor. Grove & Hobart Sts.
11. Chabot Observatory, Jefferson & Tenth Sts.
12. Oakland High School, Twelfth & Jefferson Sts.
13. Alameda County Court House, Broadway & Fifth St.
14. Lafayette School, West & Seventeen Sts.
15. Oakland Gas, Light & Heat Co., Office Building, Cor. Thirteenth & Clay Sts.
16. Public Library, 4th & Grove Sts.
17. Macdonough Building, Cor. Broadway & Fourteenth St.
18. Harrison School, Cor. Harrison & Fourth Sts.
19. The Realty Syndicate.
20. Real Estate & Insurance Broker, Geo. B.M. Gray, 454 9th St
21. City Hall Oakland.
22. First Presbyterian Church.
23. Wm. P. Todd, Real Estate ; Homes Built on Easy Terms, Office 1070 Broadway
24. William J. Dingee Real Estate ; Office 903 Broadway, Cor. 8th St.
25. First Congregational Church, 12th & Clay Sts.
26. Central Bank Building, Offices of Merchants Exchange.
27. Theo. Gier Co., Wine & Liquor Merchants, Main Office 511-515 14th St, Branch Store 915 Washington St.
28. A.J. Snyder & Co. Real Estate, Snyder Building, 457 Ninth St.
29. Grant School, Cor. Broadway & Prospect St.
30. Polytechnic Business College, Great Business Training and Shorthand School, YMCA Building.
31. Judson Mfg Co., H.E. Bothin, President. Factories at Emeryville.
32. Coal Bunkers - Franklin St. Wharf ; James P. Taylor. Office 455 Ninth St.
33. Swett School, Twelfth Ave & East Nineteenth St, East Oakland.