Historic Map - Wallingford, CT - 1905

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Bird's eye view of Wallingford, Conn.

Reproduction birds eye view historic map of Wallingford, CT, published in 1905 by Hughes & Bailey. Wallingford was established in 1667 along the Quinnipiac River. It is said the George Washington passed through here twice. Industry in the area was propelled in the 1800's when Robert Wallace gained the formula for nickel silver. His silversmith factory along with others quickly dominated the landscape. Wallingford now sits along the popular Hartford-New Haven corridor. The map features clearly labeled street names.

Border images include:

  • Public Library
  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church
  • Adventist Church
  • First Congregational Church
  • Town Hall
  • Soldiers' Monument
  • R. Wallace & Sons' Mfg. Co.'s Factories
  • H. L. Judd Co.'s Factory
  • International Silver Co., Successor to Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co., Factory "L"
  • Simpson Nickel Silver Co., International Silver Co., Factory "M"
  • M. Backes' Sons' Factory
  • M. and G. W. Backes' Sons' Factories
  • Pumping Station, Wallingford Water Works
  • First Baptist Church
  • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church
  • Colony Street School
  • High School
  • The Biggins-Rodgers Co.
  • Imperial Laundry
  • E. M. Roche's Block
  • The C. F. Wooding Co.
  • W. J. Hodgetts, Residence and Factory
  • Wm. Luby Jr., Stores and Residences

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  • 1. Town Hall.
  • 2. Post Office.
  • 3. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Station.
  • 4. Fire Department Buildings.
  • 5. Public Library.
  • 6. Public Schools.
  • 7. St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
  • 8. First Congregational Church.
  • 9. First Baptist Church.
  • 10. Holy Trinity Catholic Church.
  • 11. Advent Christian Church.
  • 12. First M. E. Church.
  • 13. Masonic Home.
  • 14. First National Bank.
  • 15. Backes & Sons, Fire Works Manufactories
  • 16. Barney, Julius. Fine Merchant Tailoring, Price Block
  • 17. Becroft, Wm. E. Architect, 108 N. Whittlesey St.
  • 18. Booth, W. A. Livery, Hack, Feed and Boarding Stables, Rear of Wallace Block, Main Street
  • 19. Botsford, Horace. Mason and Builder, 12 Cherry St.
  • 20. Brow, Wm. A. Meats and Groceries, cor. Valley and Ward Sts.
  • 21. Carter, E. T. 5 & 10 cent Store, 22 Center St. Groceries and Provisions, 24 Center St.
  • 22. Cook, John A. General Teaming and Local Express Office, Wallace Ave.
  • 23. Cooke, Marcus E. Agricultural Implements, Town Hall and 100 E. Main St.
  • 24. Craig, G. H. Dentist, cor. Orchard and Center Sts.
  • 25. Dailey, E. M. Wines and Liquors
  • 26. Fowler, O. H. D. Attorney-at-Law, 369 Center St.
  • 27. Gallagher Bros. Coal and Wood, Flour, Grain, Feed, etc., 14-18 Meadow St. near Center St.
  • 28. Gladwin, E. S. Wallingford Department Store, 126 Center St.
  • 29. Hall, E. E. Flour Grain and Feed, 200 Ward St.
  • 30. Hall H. B. Town Warden
  • 31. Heineman, E. J. Baker, 184 Center St., and 36 Hall Ave.
  • 32. Hodgetts, Wm J. Mfr. of Fine Paper Boxes, 53-55 Academy St.
  • 33. Hotel Wallingford. Thos. Gallagher, Prop., Center St. east of Main St.
  • 33A. Imperial Laundry. R. E. Badger & Co., Proprietors
  • 34. International Silver Co. Successors to Simpson, Hall & Miller Co. Silversmiths, Mfrs. of Gold and Silver Plate
  • 35. Judd, H. L. Company. Mfrs. Curtain Poles, Brass Fancy Hardware, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Grill and Office Work, etc.
  • 36. Kavanaugh, W. J. Mason, 33 Bull Ave.
  • 37. La Croix, Peter. Contractor and Builder, 90 Franklin St.
  • 38. Lee, Everett S. Fine Printing, Main, cor. Center St.
  • 39. Lee, H. J. Electrical Contractor, 286 Center St.
  • 40. Luby Bros. Choice Family Groceries and Provisions, 319-325 N. Colony St. cor. Christian St.
  • 41. Martin, John A. Real Estate & Insurance, Office, Town Hall Building
  • 42. Mack, Dr. R. S. Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist, Office, Keeler Barn, 75 Main St., Tel. 71-12
  • 43. Porter, C. W. Contractor and Builder, Office and Shop, 444 Main St.
  • 44. Pryor Building
  • 45. Reilly, T. F. Livery, Hack and Feed Stable, Colony St. near R. R. Station
  • 46. Roche, E. M. Roche Block, Drugs, Jewelry
  • 47. Rowden, G. H. Florist, cor. Academy and Elm Sts.
  • 48. Rundle, Wm. Concrete, Vitrified Stone, Cement Walks and Crossings, 44 Center St.
  • 49. Russell, W. S., M. D. N. Main St. opp. Academy
  • 50. Scranton, L. B. Carriage and Wagon Builder, 530 E. Center St.
  • 51. Smith, F. L. Cabinet Work and Furniture Repairing, 75 N. Main St.
  • 52. Smith, Geo. A. Druggist, Roche's Building.
  • 53. Smith, William. Painter and Paper Hanger, Dealer in Wall Papers, Paints, Oil, Glass and Putty, 190 Center St.
  • 54. The Barber Ennevee Co. Sporting Goods, Pipes, Tobacco, etc. Edison Phonographs, 17 N. Main St.
  • 55. The Wallingford Lumber Co. Successors to The H. B. Todd & Son Co., 81 N. Cherry St.
  • 56. Wallace, R. & Sons Mfg. Co. Mfrs. Sterling Silver Ware, Plated Ware and Cutlery
  • 57. Wallingford Gas and Electric Lighting Co. Office, Center St. near Orchard St.
  • 58. Welch, J. W. Wines and Liquors, 21 N. Main St.
  • 59. The C. F. Wooding Co. Contractors and Builders, Shop and Office, Wallace Ave.

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