Historic Railroad Map of Michigan - 1898

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Galbraith's Railway Mail Service Map of Michigan.

This large-scale map lists the various railroads of Michigan and their connections. It was designed and drawn by Chicago railway clerk Frank H. Galbraith, for practicing or prospective Railway Mail Service mail sorters, that actually rode the trains, day after day, to better locate counties, cities and post offices. It familiarized certain stops, using humor, to keep the mail sorters alert and effective.

The printed title cartouche and county location guide were pasted on the map by the McEwen Map Company in 1898.

Caricatures, inside railway humor and current events illustrate the different locales of stations, post offices and individual postmasters. Often presiding stationmasters or postmasters would be captured using uncomplimentary caricatures, or Gay Nineties witticisms that could aid mail sorters with the different locations. Galbraith drew several state maps during this era to help with mail service efficiency.

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