Historic Railroad Map of Nebraska - 1878

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Cram's Railroad and Township Map of Nebraska.

Nebraska was made the 37th state in 1867 and the capital was moved from its original location, during territorial times at Omaha, to Lancaster because of its central location. Lancaster was renamed Lincoln at that time in honor of President Lincoln's earlier assassination.

Nebraska drew many settlers in the 1870's and 1880's as railroads busily criss-crossed the state. Nebraska railroads were well funded during this period.

The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad was constructed westward from Plattsmouth beginning in the 1850's. Plattsmouth’s location along the Mississippi River was essential to the railroad’s success. Mississippi steamers were able to load and unload cargo and passengers at Plattsmouth easily.

There was a ferry at that location which enabled cargo and passengers of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad to continue westward along the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad.

The Burlington & Missouri River extended west to Lincoln and on to Kearny where, beginning in 1872, it connected with the Union Pacific Railway.

The Union Pacific Railway instilled much westward travel through Nebraska and much local settlement during this era. Homesteaders were vigorously settling the land parcels that were offered by the federal government for little or no cost at all.

This indexed township and county map was published in 1878 by George F. Cram. It shows relief, drainage, cities and towns. Railroads are clearly labeled.

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