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Historic Map - Jamestown, NY - 1882

Bird's eye view of the village of Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York. Drawn by H. Brosius & A. F. Poole. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map looking northeast of Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York, drawn by H. Brosius and A. F. Poole and published by J. J. Stoner in 1882. The city of Jamestown is at the southern end of Chautauqua Lake in Chautauqua County. The town was named after James Prendergast, an early settler who had built the first dam and sawmill there. Furniture making was Jamestown's most prominent industry with local hardwoods being used. The wood's burning also produced pearl ash which was harvested for use in the glassmaking industry. The community produced so much pearl ash it became known as "The Pearl City". In the 1880's, Jamestown was becoming home to so many furniture manufacturers it was dubbed "Furniture Capital of the World".

This map shows buildings, clearly labeled street names and railway route. The border illustrations are of:

Jamestown Worsted Mills
Wm. H. Proudfit, Gents Furnishing Goods
Scofield & Adams, Dry Goods
L. L. Mason, Jeweler
Thomas Henry Smith, Jamestown Cotton Mills
Broadhead Worsted Mills
George B. Ford, Jamestown Table Works
Jno. T. Wilson, Sash, Door & Planing Mill
Gilbert & Jones, Crown Roller Mills, Brooklyn Mills
C. L. Jeffords, Axe & Tool Works
Opera House Block
Jeffords, Bailey & Co., Lounge & Table Factory
Wells Iron Works
Allen Preston & Co., Jamestown Woolen Mills
Marsh & Firman, Splint Chair Manufactory
Jamestown Journal
A. J. Peterson & Co., Grocers
C. H. Cutler & Co., Boots & Shoes
A. D. Sharpe

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

 A. Congregational Church
 B. Presbyterian Church
 C. Episcopal Church
 D. Baptist Church
 E. Methodist Church
 F. Swedish Methodist Church
 G. Swedish Lutheran Church
 H. Ind. Lutheran Church
  I. Catholic Church
 J. African Methodist Church
 K. Union Institute
 L. District Schools
 M. Prendergast Library
 N. Sherman House
 O. Jamestown House
 P. Weeks House
 Q. Winsor House
 R. Opera House Block
 S. Post Office
 T. Skating Rink
 U. N. Y. P. & O. R. R. Station
 V. Marvin Park
W. Cemetery
 X. Johnson House
  1. Shoe Manufactory, N. W. Gokey & Son
  2. Wood Seat Chair Company
  3. Broadhead & Sons' Worsted Mills
  4. Jamestown Cotton Mills, Thos. H. Smith
  5. Jamestown Worsted Mills
  6. J. T. Wilson, Planing Mills
  7. Breed Furniture Co.
  8. Cane Seat Chair Company
  9. Brown Brothers' Piano Manufactory
10. Jamestown Axe Company
11. City Mills
12. Jamestown Table Works, Geo. B. Ford, Proprietor
13. S. D. Warner, Planing Mill
14. Jamestown Bedstead Works
15. Fox Planing Mill
16. Shearman Bros., Upholstery Works
17. Horton Manufacturing Co.
18. Wells Iron Works
19. Jamestown Bottling Co.
20. Columbia Grain Drill Manufacturing Co.
21. Martin Bros., Upholstery Works
22. Coal Yards, W. F. Enrdess
23. C. A. Ahlstrom, Piano Manufactory
24. Brooklyn & Crown Roller Mills, Gilbert & Jones, Proprietors
25. Marsh & Firman, Splint Seat Chair Manufactory
26. C. L. Jeffords Axe Manufactory
27. Dexterville House
28. Jeffords, Bailey & Co., Furniture Manufacturers
29. J. S Carlson, Furniture Manufacturer
30. Steam Power Laundry, B. G. Marsh, Proprietor
31. Carding Mill
32. Planing Mill, W. H. Peterson
33. City Steam Laundry, D. Rowley & Son
34. Water Works
35. Woolen Mill, Allen, Preston & Co.
36. Parks, Hazzard & Craig, Shoe Manufacturers
Historic Map of Jamestown, NY - 1882

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