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Historic Railroad Map of the Southern United States - 1851

General Map of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad and its connections north, south and west.

The Orange & Alexandria Railroad was chartered in 1848 and proposed to run between Alexandria and Gordonsville. The standard gauge line was completed in 1854, at which time the railroad began extending its line south from Gordonsville to Charlottesville.

The Orange & Alexandria Railroad became an important link for the region; transporting goods and passengers throughout the south with the aid of convenient connections.

In the years leading up to the civil war, the slave trade was outlawed in the capital city of Washington, but still practiced in Alexandria.

During the civil war, Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy. At that time both Richmond and Washington could be reached aboard the Orange & Alexandria, and its connections.

In 1854 the Manassas Gap through the Blue Mountains was completed joining the Orange & Alexandria Railroad at what became known as Manassas Junction. The junction gained much attention during the American Civil War, as several major battles were fought there including the First and Second Battle of Bull Runs.

The Orange and Alexandria was constantly fought over during the war. By the war’s end the railroad was found to be mostly in disrepair. The line merged with the Manassas Gap Railroad in 1867 becoming the Orange, Alexandria & Manassas Railroad.

This outline map of the southeastern United States was published in 1851 by Ackerman Lithography. It shows cities, rivers, and clearly labeled railroad network.

Directions and routes to New Orleans and Memphis are listed below the map title. Chartered March 22, 1848. Opened to Gordonsville in 1854.

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