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Historical Maps of Arizona

Earliest records of European exploration in Arizona indicate that a Spanish Franciscan, Marcos de Niza, was in the area as early as 1539, while the Coronado expedition was known to be present in the region from 1540-1542. The area that is now Arizona became part of the Territory of Nueva California when Mexico achieved its independence from Spain. Following the Mexican-American War of 1847, the region became part of the Territory of New Mexico in 1853. The first official use of the name Arizona was in Jefferson Davis’s presidential proclamation that recognized Arizona as a Confederate Territory on February 14, 1862. The Arizona Scout Companies supported the confederacy and fought throughout the war. The westernmost battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Picacho Pass, was fought about 50 miles northwest of Tucson.

Our collection of historic Arizona maps includes an exceptional bird's-eye view, panoramic map of Phoenix, sketched by C.J. Dyer in 1885.

Arizona & Southwestern U.S. Railroads - 1857

Arizona & New Mexico Railroads - 1873

Arizona Railroads - 1876

Historic Map of Arizona Railroads 1878
Arizona Railroads - 1878

Arizona - 1887
Historic Map of Arizona - Indian Lands - 1896
Arizona - Indian Lands - 1896

Historic Map of Arizona - Indian Lands - 1896
Arizona - Indian Lands - 1896

Arizona & New Mexico - 1867

Historic View of the Grand Canyon - 1882

Grand Canyon National Park - 1926

Phoenix, AZ - 1885