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Historical Maps of Arkansas

Once home to the Quapaw, Caddo and Osage Indian nations, the first European known to explore the Arkansas area was Hernando de Soto, the Spanish explorer in search of gold. DeSoto died near Lake Village on the Mississippi River in 1542. Eventually under French control, the region became part of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. On July 4, 1819, the Territory of Arkansas was organized and the territory officially became a state on June 15, 1836. Arkansas seceded from the Union in May, 1861, entering the Civil War. While most of the major battles and events were east of the Mississippi, several small battles and skirmishes occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War. The state of Arkansas was restored to the Union in June, 1868.

Our collection of historical Arkansas maps begins with a map based on U.S. surveys of the state as it appeared in 1854 and includes several panoramic maps, including a bird's-eye view of Little Rock drawn by cartographic artist and former Civil War sketch artist Albert Ruger in 1871.

Arkansas - 1854
Historic Railroad Map of Missouri & Arkansas 1878
Arkansas & Missouri Railroads - 1878

Arkansas - Railroads - 1895

Historic Map of Arkansas - Indian Lands - 1896
Arkansas - Indian Lands - 1896

Historic Map of Arkansas - Indian Lands - 1896
Arkansas - Indian Lands - 1896

Arkansas - Railroads - 1898

Hot Springs - 1888

Hot Springs - 1890

Little Rock - 1887

Little Rock - 1871

Van Buren - 1888