Historic Map - Arkansas - 1854 Map

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Colton's railroad & township map of Arkansas compiled from the U.S. Surveys and other authentic sources.

The state of Arkansas was one of several states that was formed after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. In 1804 the territory was divided and in 1819, the Territory of Arkansas was formed. In 1836, the state of Arkansas was admitted to the Union, making it the 25th state.

The following text was included on the map:

Surveyors Office Little Rock Ark. 1845.

Mr. David F. Shall has been Chief Clerk in this Office for a term of Seven Years, during which time he has been engaged in Collecting information as a basis upon which to construct a true and authentic Map of the State of Arkansas; which work he has now completed and has submitted it to my inspection. So far as the information has been taken from the field notes and Maps of the Survey in this Office; which are now nearly complete I can state it is strictly true.

- M. Pelham - Surveyor of the Public Lands in Arkansas

We have examined a Map of Arkansas by David F. Shall Esq. of this City and find it to be the best and most accurate Map of this State which we have ever seen; either published or unpublished.

- Elias V. Conway, Auditor of Arkansas
- Jared C. Martin - Treasurer of Arkansas