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Australia & Oceania Satellite Image Map

Enhanced Physical - Giclee Archive Print
This is an enhanced satellite image map print of Oceania that depicts topography and hydrology in exceptional detail. The map is displayed using a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection and is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, and Melanesia. This view of Oceania is derived from surface observation data collected with NASA's MODIS satellite instrumentation in June through December. It is cloud free, created from multiple mosaics of satellite images, utilizing two visual bands and three thermal bands. The land cover image has been combined with high resolution hydrology and shaded relief elevation data to produce a final image resulting in easy to discern natural features such as rivers, mountains, and forests. Ocean bathymetry is based on the GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) data sets. The source resolution of this map is 30 arc-seconds (1 pixel per km at the equator). The international border between West Papua, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea represents the continental border between Oceania and Asia. This map also features a 10° latitude, longitude grid. International borders and Australian states are represented in red outlines.

Map is also available with countries & capital cities labeled. Option available during checkout.

This high quality giclee print map is available in multiple sizes ready for framing or with museum quality beveled edge frame mounting.
Each map is produced as a detailed museum quality archive print. This special printing process is known as Giclee (zhee-CLAY) and is commonly used to produce very high quality fine art prints. The result is an exquisitely detailed print of substantially higher quality than a standard map poster.

Giclee Print Features:
  • Printed on 10 mil premium luster photo paper resulting in a brilliant, colorful image with a vivid life-like quality.
  • Pigment based Canon LUCIA inks provide smooth tones and rich colors in fine, precise detail.
  • Inks have a lightfastness rating of over 100 years, guaranteeing minimal noticeable fading over a very long period of time.
  • Printed using very high resolution source files.
  • Giclee printing is superior to traditional lithography in a number of ways: colors are brighter, lasts longer, and is a higher resolution.
Museum quality beveled edge plaque mounting is available for our satellite image map giclee prints.
Example of  Print Mounted to Beveled Edge Frame

Beveled Edge Frame Mounting:
  • Giclee print on glossy photo paper is dry-mounted to 1/4" MDF in a heat press using archival-quality acid-free dry mounting adhesive.
  • Premium laminating film is applied to the surface using a heat press under 120 tons of pressure.
  • Matte laminate provides protection from moisture, UV degradation, and damage from handling.
  • The 1" deep frame is finished with a 1/8" beveled edge and sealed with a film in a black finish.
  • Final result is a non-glare, easy to clean professional product suitable for public display in the worlds most prestigious museums or galleries.
  • The durable surface can be cleaned with glass cleaner and paper towels.
Dry Mounting Process
Dry-mount plaque process
Dry-mount plaque process
Giclee prints ship within 3-4 business days. We ship our prints rolled up using high quality heavy duty cardboard tubes, a protective layer of foam is wrapped around each print.

Dry-mounted framed prints ship within 2 weeks. These are carefully packaged in sturdy shipping cartons. Framed prints larger than 60" x 30" ship via freight truck.

Weight measurements listed for each item reflect a dimensional shipping weight and are not representative of the actual physical weight of the item itself. These are printed and mounted to order and cannot be returned once opened.

Item# Description Ship Weight Price Order Below
Giclee Print on Premium Luster

A high quality digital print.

Giclee is a specialized ink-jet printing process for creating fine art prints. Printed on 10 mil luster photo paper using high-end professional 12-color printers. Each giclee is produced using very high resolution digital files resulting in incredibly detailed archival prints suitable for display in museums or art galleries.
Giclee Print Example
Premium Luster Giclee Print
1W-AU2-SAT3-S-G Size: 24" x 18" 4 lbs $49.95 add to basket
1W-AU2-SAT3-M-G Size: 36" x 26" 4 lbs $69.95 add to basket
1W-AU2-SAT3-L-G Size: 44" x 32" 5 lbs $100.95 add to basket
Beveled Edge Framed Plaque Mount

Fine art mounting to 1" deep frame.

A giclee print is dry-mounted to 1/4" MDF using a heat-press. Matte laminating film is applied to protect the print from UV fading and provide a scratch resistant, washable surface. The 1" deep box is finished with a 1/8" beveled edge. A 2" x 1" frame bonded to the rear features a channel for hanging using a wood screw.
Beveled Edge Plaque Mounted Print
Bevleld Edge Film
Beveled Edge Framed Giclee Print
1W-AU2-SAT3-S-F Size: 24" x 18" 15 lbs $180.95 add to basket
1W-AU2-SAT3-M-F Size: 36" x 26" 25 lbs $283.95 add to basket
1W-AU2-SAT3-L-F Size: 44" x 32" 90 lbs $449.95 add to basket


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