Primary Antarctica Map on Spring Roller from Kappa Maps

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The Primary Map of Antarctica is ideal for use in classrooms teaching geography to grades 3-5. This easy to follow map features a stereoscopic polar projection and provides a basic understanding of the Antarctic continent.

Detailed shaded relief highlights the physical landscape of the continent. Map has a markable, washable laminated surface, and is mounted on a pull-down spring roller. Ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

Details on Map Include:

  • Mountain peaks, ice shelves, land regions, and seas.
  • Indicates South Magnetic Pole.
  • Latitude/Longitude lines, Antarctic Circle, Meridian of Greenwich / Date Line.
This map is also available as part of the Primary multi-mount combination sets. Click here to see combo maps from this series.

Dimensions: 54" x 43"