U.S. & World Outline Map Spring Roller Combo Set - Writable Classroom Maps

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Basic outline maps of the United States and World with no labels. These blank maps of the U.S. and World are great for conducting classroom learning exercises that test your students knowledge of geography. The maps feature a washable laminated surface that can be written on using wet or dry-erase markers.

Each map is laminated and can be marked on with a dry or wet erase marker. Spring roller maps are ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

  • Spring Roller Mounting - 2-Sheet - Combo - The laminated maps are mounted to a heavy-duty pull-down classroom spring roller w/ metal backboard rail for hanging from hooks or wall brackets

Ships rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

This popular educational map set is also offered as an economical wall map combo for home or classroom use. Click to see the U.S. & World Outline Classroom Style Map Set.