Great Lakes Region Large Extreme Raised Relief Map

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Large, flexible, vinyl map depicting the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. The map covers an area that includes the U.S states of: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.

This beautiful map is the largest we've seen of its kind. Rubbery material comes back to its original shape, so raised relief contours are highly resistant to dents and damage that can occur with typical vacuum-formed raised maps. Rich coloration and dramatic raised relief create a stunning display. Map features wood slats on top and bottom for easy hanging. Rolls into a tube for transport.

  • Physical features identified include: Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges & peaks, deserts. Major seas, bays, and straits. Major cities, states, and urban areas.
  • Colorful topographic shading and ocean bathymetry w/ elevation & sea depth legend.
  • Roll-able raised relief map produced from durable flexible vinyl.
  • Can be used as a wall map or floor map - standing on the map will not damage it.

This exaggerated relief map of U.S. Great Lakes Region is factory sealed vintage stock which may feature some signs of age or other minor imperfections. The map may not be politically up-to-date. These are rare maps that are no longer in production. It is an excellent educational product for teaching physical geography. Made in Germany by Ernst Knoll, founder of Relief-Technik (now Geo-Institut).

Dimensions: 5' x 5' (60" x 60")