Historic Map - Anniston, AL - 1903

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Bird's eye view looking northwest, city of Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama. Drawn by C. N. Dry.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map of Anniston, Alabama looking northwest, drawn by Camille N. Dry and published by Chas. Hart Co. in 1903. Located on the slope of Blue Mountain, Anniston was nicknamed "Model City" because of its particularly careful planning. Rich mineral deposits had made Anniston an important asset to the south during the Civil War where an iron furnace had been established. Union troops destroyed the furnace in 1865. In 1872 the furnace was rebuilt on a grander scale by The Woodstock Iron Company, and a town was planned. The initial name used was "Woodstock", but was soon after renamed Anniston, after Annie Scott Tyler, the wife of a Union railroad president, General Daniel Tyler. Anniston's economy was mostly boosted by the iron, steel and clay pipe industry.

The map features clearly labeled street names showing railroad traffic.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. U.S. Post Office and Court House.
  2. City Hall.
  3. Calhoun County Court House.
  4. Union Depot.
  5. Alabama Hotel.
  6. Opera House.
  7. Auditorium.
  8. Engine House.
  9. Freight Depot L. & N. Railraod.
  10. Freight Depot Southern Railroad.
  11. Anniston College for Young Ladies.
  12. Noble Institute for Girls.
  13. Boys' High School.
  14. Boys' Training School.
  15. Public School.
  16. Public School.
  17. Colored Public School.


  • Hot Blast, Daily.
  • Evening Star, Daily.
  • Republic, Weekly.
  • Labor Review, Weekly.
  1. Southern Car & Foundry Company.
  2. Kilby Locomotive & Machine Works.
  3. Alabama Frog & Switch Co.
  4. Ore Washers.
  5. Central Foundry Co.
  6. Weller Rolling Mill & Forge Co.
  7. U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.
  8. Woodstock Iron Works.
  9. Hercules No. 2.
  10. L. & N. R. R. Shops.
  11. Adair Machine Works Co.
  12. Woodstock Cotton Mills.
  13. Adelaide Cotton Mills.
  14. Anniston Compress Co.
  15. Anniston Manufacturing Co.
  16. Anniston Knitting Mills.
  17. Anniston Yarn Mills.
  18. Anniston Carpet Mill.
  19. Model City Corn Mill.
  20. Weneeda Mills.
  21. C. J. Houser Planing Mill.
  22. Anniston City Land Co.
  23. Sacred Heart, Catholic.
  24. First Presbyterian.
  25. Grace, Episcopal.
  26. Church of Christ.
  27. Parker Memorial, Baptist.
  28. First Methodist Episcopal South.
  29. St. Paul Methodist Episcopal.
  30. Temple Beth-El.
  31. First Baptist.
  32. St. Michael & All Angels.
  33. Congregational.
  34. West Anniston Presbyterian.
  35. West Anniston Methodist.
  36. Seymour Chapel.
  37. African Methodist.
  38. Gallilee Baptist.
  39. Baptist.
  40. Northern M.E.
  41. Jacksons Temple M.E.