Historic Map - Anniston, AL - 1888

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Bird's eye view of Anniston, Ala. 1888. Drawn and published by E. S. Glover. Shober & Carqueville Litho. Co.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map of Anniston, Alabama looking southwest, drawn and published by Eli Sheldon Glover & Co. in 1888. Rich mineral deposits made Anniston an important asset to the south during the American Civil War. An iron furnace had been established that was destroyed by Union troops in 1865. In 1872 the furnace was rebuilt on a grander scale by The Woodstock Iron Company, and a town was planned. The town's initial name was "Woodstock", but was soon after dubbed Anniston, after Annie Scott Tyler, the wife of a railroad president, General Daniel Tyler. Nicknamed "Model City", Anniston's economy was mostly based on the iron, steel and clay pipe industry. The town booster map from 1888 claims: "Choice Business and Residence Lots in this new and thriving Model City of the South on reasonable terms, by the Anniston City Land Company" and "Special Inducements offered to Manufacturing Enterprises and all information about the City cheerfully given. Correspondence solicited. Anniston City Land Company".

The map features clearly labeled street names and shows scenes of pedestrian, carriage and railroad traffic.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Anniston Inn
  2. Union Passenger Depot
  3. City Hall
  4. City Water Works
  5. Reservoir
  6. Noble Institute for Girls
  7. Noble Institute for Boys
  8. Public School
  9. Grace Episcopal Church
10. Presbyterian Church
11. Twelfth Street Baptist Church
12. Christian Church
13. Noble Street Methodist Church
14. Leighton Avenue Methodist Church
15. First Baptist Church
16. Congregational Church (Colored)
17. Episcopal Church, Glen Addie
18. Catholic Church, Glen Addie
19. Methodist Church, Glen Addie
20. Anniston Manufacturing Co. (Cotton Factory)
21. U. S. Rolling Stock Co.
22. Woodstock Charcoal Furnaces
23. Woodstock Coke Furnaces
24. Anniston Pipe Works
25. Fire-Brick Works
26. Anniston Steel Bloomery
27. Murray & Stevenson Foundry
28. Noble Bros. Boiler Works
29. Barbour Machine Works
30. Ore Beds, Woodstock Iron Co.
31. Residence of Samuel Noble
32. Residence of John Noble
33. Residence of J. M. McKleroy
34. Residence of A. L. Tyler
35. St. Michael's Episcopal Church
36. Opera House
37. Cemetery

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