Historic Map - Bristol, CT - 1889

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Bristol, Conn. looking north-east. Drawn & published by Geo. E. Norris. Burleigh Lith. Est.

Reproduction historic map of Bristol, CT, looking northeast. The town of Bristol was known as a "clock-making" town throughout the 1800's, and is now home to the American Clock and Watch Museum. The attention to clock-making is evident in this map, which references more than a dozen companies directly related to clock-making.

This map presents a view of the city in the same year that Albert F. Rockwell and his brother moved to Bristol. It was the Bristol's reputation as a clock-making town that attracted them, and they soon leased a building east of North Main Street and the "New Departure Bell Company" began production of their newly patented coaster brakes. and bicycle lamps. The Rockwell's changed the name to the "New Departure Manufacturing Company", responding to the growing demand by the new automobile industry for ball bearings. This was the beginning of a company that was to later become a part of the General Motors Corporation. Albert Rockwell and his wife, Nettie, resided at Brightwood Hall, which is also referenced on the map. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. J. H. Sessions & Son, Manufacturers Trunk Hardware
  2. Sessions Foundry Co., Iron Founders
  3. The E. Ingraham Co., Clock Manufacturers
  4. The Bristol Brass & Clock Co., Rolling Mill, Spoon Shop, Lamp Burner Shop, Forrestville
  5. Bristol Mfg. Co., Manufacturers Knit Underwear
  6. N. S. Birge & Son, Manufacturers Knit Underwear
  7. The Case Wheel & Mill Co., S. W. Bradley, Treas. & Manager Grain Mills, National Water Wheel
  8. Dunbar Bros., Spring Manufacturers
  9. Wallace Barnes, Spring Manufacturers
10. H. W. Barnes, Clock, Bells & Novelties
11. S. E. Root, Clock Trimmings
12. H. C. Thompson, Clock Manufacturer
13. The Horton Manufacturing Co., Steel Fishing Rods
14. C. A. Tredwell & Co., Machinists, Patterns, Dies, Punches, etc.
15. Everett Horton, Steel Pinions, Clock & Special Machinery
16. C. J. Root, Brass Butts and Toys
17. Bristol Saw Works, E. O. Penfield
18. W. Giddings & Son, Carriage Manufacturers
19. F. Brainard, Hardware Specialties
20. Geo. W. Eddy Spring Manufacturer
21. A. F. Williams, Incubator Manufacturer
22. H. J. Mills, Paper Box Manufacturer
23. Clayton Bros. General Hardware Manufacturers
23. Frank Clayton & Co., Carriage Washers
24. L. Goodenough, Brass Foundry
25. S. G. Monce, Manufacturer of Glass Cutters etc.
26. Frank Downs, Grist & Feed Mill
27. White & Porter, Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware Manufacturers
28. Geo. C. Arms, Barble and Granite Works
29. Geo. M. Eaton, Grain Elevator and Steam Mills
30. N. P. Thompson & Son, Carriage Wheels etc.
31. J. R. Mitchell & Son, Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, and Furnishing Goods
32. A. J. Muzzy, Dry Goods, Carpets, Millinery, Wall Paper
33. Sigourney Bros., Wholesale Fruit and Produce
34. H. S. Goodale, Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces
35. J. W. Skelly & Son, Hardware, Plumbing, Steam Fitting and Tile
36. S. A. Olcott, Stoves Ranges and Furnaces, Tin, Copper and Granite Ware
36. Geo. D. Stewart, Painters' Supplies
37. P. J. Coleman, Regular Plumber and Steam Fitter, Depot for Pipe, Steam and Water Supplies
38. S. A. Weldon & Son, Hardware and Paints
39. W. B. Woodruff, Groceries and Crockery
40. C. A. Lane, Fancy Groceries and Crockery
41. Webster & Ives, Groceries and Crockery
42. Chas. A. Garrett, General Groceries
38. Merriman Bros., Druggists
34. Strong & Clark, Meat and Vegetables
43. C. B. Ives & Co., Meat and Vegetables
24. M. L. Gaylord, North Side Market
44. C. H. Riggs & Co. C. H. Riggs, A. D. Eastwood, "Shoe Shan" Boots & Shoes
45. Rohan Bros., Boots and Shoes
46. Leland & Meder, Clothing and Hats
33. L. Roberts, Jewelry and Crockery
47. M. Foley, Furniture and Undertaking
42. Theo. Drescher, Harness & Horse Clothing Manufacturer & Dealer
48. O. F. Strunz, Bakery and Confectionery, Coal and Wood Yard
49. Geo. T. Cook, Bakery and Confectionery
50. Thos. Levitt, Trucking & General Freight Forwarding
51. J. H. Ward, Hack, Livery & Express Stable
52. E. B. McMullen, Livery, Hack & Boarding Stables
53. Emmett & Whelan, Livery, Hack, Boarding & General Trucking Stables & Coal Dealers
54. A. L. Morse, Livery, Feed & Boarding Stables
55. F. H. Saxton, Lumber Dealer & Masons' Supplies
30. Crothers Bros., Contractors & Builders
56. G. H. Woodin, Agent., Contractor & Builder
57. F. H. Williams, M. D., Office 141 Main St.
58. W. W. Horton, M. D., Office 117 Main St.
59. H. E. Way, M. D., Office 303 Main St.
48. Dr. L. W. Robinson, Dentist
58. Pierce & Winslow, Attorneys at Law
58. H. N. Gale, Photographer
60. Chas. R. Bunnell, Turner of Foreign and Domestic Woods, Small Tool Handles a Specialty
61. Welch's Clock Case Shop
62. G. W. Neubauer, Wood Turning & Carving
63. Marbleized Clock Case Manufacturers
 A. Bristol National Bank
      Treadway & Stevens, Fire, Life & Accident Insurance
      John J. Jennings, Attorney at Law
 B. C. V. Mason, Insurance & Real Estate, Gridley Block
 C. Savings Bank & Town Offices
 D. Commercial House, C. F. Michael
 E. Bristol House, Chas. H. Tiffany
 F. Gridley House
 G. Michael's Opera House
 H. Town Hall
  I . Post Office
 B. Bristol Herald
 J. Bristol Press
 K. Schools
 L. R. R. Station
 M. Electric Lighting Station
 N. Copper Mine
 O. Forrestville
 P. Polkville
 Q. Brightwood, A. F. Atkins
 R. Highlawn, S W. Bradley
 S. J. H. Sessions, Residence
 T. J. H. Sessions, Jr., Residence
 U. W. E. Sessions, Residence
 V. Wallace Barnes, Residence
W. W. H. Nettleton, Residence
 X. Truman F. Judd, Residence
 Y. C. S. Treadway, Residence
 Z. W. F. G. Hayward, Residence
 a. E. S. Hollister, Residence
 b. J. F. Case, Residence
 c. Curtis, Residence
 d. Fred Davey, Residence
 e. Congregational 'Church
 f. Methodist Church
 g. Baptist Church
 h. Episcopal Church
   * St. Joseph's Catholic Church
 k. Advent Christian Church
48. Y. M. C. A.

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