Historic Map - Bristol, VA - TN - 1912

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Aero view of Bristol, Va.=Tenn. 1912. Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler.

A fine example of an "Aero View" map of the twin cities of Bristol, Virginia and Tennessee, as they appeared in 1912. Featured across the upper margin are inset illustrations of; Dominion National Bank, the Post Office of Bristol, Tennessee, the Stone Huling Lumber Company, the Union Passenger Station, the J. A. Wilkinson Lumber Company, the City Hall of Bristol, Virginia and the First National Bank of Bristol, Tennessee.

Across the lower margin are inset illustrations of; the King Kaylor Co., the Bristol Metal Manufacturing Co., the Bristol Door and Lumber Company, the Young Men's Christian Association, the Sparger Mill Company and the King Printing Company. Referenced places are listed below.The area now known as the Solar Hill Historic District is depicted, the site of the place where an observatory was used to view the 1869 total solar eclipse.

This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Drawn and published by T. M. Fowler, see details about the artist below.

Features references to the following locations:

Virginia Intermont College - Female.
Sullins College and Conservatory of Music - Female.
King College - Male.
Court House, Bristol, Virginia.
Court House, Bristol, Tennessee.
Post Office, Bristol, Tennessee.
N. & W., Southern, & V. & S. W. R. R. Station - Union Depot.
First National Bank of Bristol.
Dominion National Bank.
The Holsten Club.
Young Men's Christian Association.
Herald-Courier and Evening News.
King Printing Co.; Printing, Ruling, Binding, Engraving.
Eagle Overall Co.
A. C. Smith. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
R. C. Thompson. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
Blackley & Whitaker. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
H. E. Graves. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
Norvell & Galloway. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
M. D. Andes. (under heading REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE)
Interstate Land Co., L. O. Caldwell Manager City and Rent Dept.
H. R. Shipley, Insurance, 22 Lee St.
Wood & Irwin, General Insurance.
James B. Lyon, General Insurance.
Wm G. Sheen & Co., General Insurance.
W. H. Dickson, Clerk and Master Chancery Court, Tenn. Court House.
S. A. Boy, Photographer, State Street.
King-Kaylor Co., Wholesale Clothing.
Morley Bros., & Co., (Inc.) Wholesale Fruits.
Mrs. Mattie Barnhill, Boarding House, 7th and Broad Sts.
East Tenn. Telephone Co., A. B. Hood, Manager.
Western Union Telegraph Co., T. S. Bogan, Manager.
Hedrick Bros. & Co., Clothing.
T. A. McChesney & Co., Fitters of Feet.
E. W. King & Co., Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions.
W. T. Cash, Clothing and Gents Furnishing.
Columbian Paper Co.
Dixie Tannery.
Holston Extract Co.
J. A. Wilkinson Lumber Co.
Bristol Door and Lumber Co.
Peter-McCain Lumber Co.
Stone-Huling Lumber Co.
Beveridge & Taylor, Spoke Manufacturers.
Cloyd Bros. Co. (Inc.), Sash, Doors, Interior Finish.
J. H. Reynolds Lumber Co.
Twin City Coal Co., Coal and Wood, 618 Scott Street.
Bristol Metal Manufacturing Co. (Inc.)
Sparger Mill Co., Manufacturers of and Dealers in Flour,
Meal and Feed.
Dominion Iron Works.
Bristol Coffin & Casket Co.Enterprise Foundry & Machine Works, Mine, Lumber and Logging Cars, Truck and Extra Wheels.
Bristol Laundry Co.
Faucette Co., Wholesale Grocers and Confectioners,
Bristol, Va.
A. S. McNeil & Son, Furniture and Undertakers.
Bristol Typewriter Co., Office Outfitters.
Rosenblatt Piano Co., 530 State Street.
Turner Drug Co., Bristol, Va.
Southern Express Co., F. B. Bell, Agent.
Busy Bee Restaurant, Samuel Pappas, Prop'r.
W. H. Scates Manufacturing Co, General contractors for
Tin, Galvanized Iron, Slate, Tile and Copper work.
Dillow-Hoss Coal Co., Coal, Wood and Sand.
A. D. Reynolds. 706½ State Street.
Bristol Paint and Paper Co., We carry a complete line of Wall paper, Paint and Painters Supplies. Estimates funished free on any Decorating or Painting desired to have done. No. 38 Moore St., Bristol, VA., E. R. Shipley, Manager.