Historic Map - Brockton, MA - 1882

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View of Brockton, Plymouth County, M.A., 1882 / drawn & published by A. F. Poole.

This bird’s-eye view print of Brockton, Massachusetts was drawn by A. F. Poole and published by Beck & Pauli, lithographers in 1882. Brockton served the many farms of the area in its early years. Indian corn, rye, barley, oats, hay and potatoes were grown abundantly, as well as apples and pears. Livestock were raised throughout the region, and much production of milk, butter and cheese was carried out in Brockton’s early years.

In the mid-1800's, several shoe and boot manufacturers emerged in Brockton, utilizing water power supplied by the Salisbury Plain River. The shoe and leather industry aided in Brockton’s development into the 1880's.

Brockton earned city status in 1881. It could be reached via the Old Colony Railway. An underground electrical wiring system was installed in Brockton in 1883 by Thomas A. Edison.

The map, looking southwest, shows town seal along with buildings, labeled streets and railroad route. There are border illustrations of the following:

  • W. A. Howard Shoe Manufactory.
  • Clark’s Block.
  • Stacy, Adams & Co. Boot & Shoe Manufactory.
  • Opera House Block.
  • W. L. Douglas & Co. Shoe Manufactory.
  • Howard & French Shoe Manufactory.
  • F. E. White Shoe Manufactory.
  • City Block.
  • H. G. Keith’s Shoe Manufactory.
  • A. M. Herrod & Co.
  • J. O. Emerson’s Shoe Manufactory.
  • Satucket Block.
  • Perkins Block.
  • Winter’s Block.
  • Howard Block. Lyman Block.
  • Kingman’s Block.
  • Jay B. Reynolds & Co.
  • Charles Howard & Co.
  • James Means’ Shoe Manufactory
  • Hollis Bros., Cary Hill.
  • James S. Allen’s Shoe Manufactory.
  • Charles H. Ward Co.
  • H. A. Copeland & Co.
  • E. H. Reynolds Co.

Features references to the following locations:

First Congregational Church.
Porter Congregational Church.
South Congregational Church.
Central Methodist Church.
Campello Methodist Church.
West Methodist Church.
Baptist Church.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
New Jerusalem Church.
Swedish Lutheran Church.
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.
Swedish Church.
High School.
Perkins School.
Whitman School.
Huntington School.
Union School.
Sprague School.
Howard School.
Spring St. School.
Prospect School.
Park St. School.
Court St. School.
Winchester School.
Hancock School.
Marshall School.


City Block.
Perkins Block.
Central Block.
Post Office.
Clark’s Block.
Lyman Block.
Howard Block.
Bixby’s Block.
Kingman’s Block.
Cobb’s Building.
Satucket Block.
Opera House Block.
Brockton Theatre.
Cunningham Hall.
Court House.
Richmond’s Building.
Gardner’s Block.
Hotel Linden.
Ryder’s Block.
Bryant’s Block.
Knapp’s Block.
White’s Block.
Winter’s Block.
Keith’s Block.
Reynold’s Block.
Campelle House.
Post Office.
O. C. R. R. Station.
O. C. R. R. Station, Campello.
Brockton Agricultural Fair Grounds.
Union Cemetery.
St. Patrick’s Cemetery.
Perkins Park.


E. H. Reynolds, Shoe Manufactory.
A. M. Herrod & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
Martin Wilde, Jr., Shoe Manufactory.
Reynold’s Plow Co.
H. A. Copeland & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
C. H. Ward, Shoe Manufactory.
C. F. Porter, Shoe Manufactory.
D. S. Packard & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
W. W. Cross & Co., Tack Manufactory.
W. L. Douglas, Shoe Manufactory.
A. M. Niles, Shoe Manufactory.
F. E. White, Shoe Manufactory.
A. W. Hayden, Shoe Manufactory.
D. S. Howard & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
Emerson, Weeks & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
H. T. Marshall, Shoe Manufactory.
James Means, Shoe Manufactory.
Chas. Howard & Co., Needle Manufactory.
E. S. Snell, Shoe Tool Manufactory.
J. O. Emerson, Shoe Manufactory.
Howard & French, Shoe Manufactory.
Stacy, Adams & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
N. R. Packard & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
O. O. Paten & Co., Wax and Cement Manufactory.
T. A. Baxendale, Box Toe Manufactory.
Lilly Brackett & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
Goddard, Shaw & Co., Machinist.
F. M. Shaw & Son, Heel Manufactory.
A. C. Thompson, Turning Mill.
Snell & Atherton, Shoe Tool Manufactory.
J. S. Allen, Shoe Tool Manufactory.
Warren A. Howard, Shoe Manufactory.
Fred Packard Shoe Manufactory.
Houghton, Coolidge & Co. Shoe Manufactory.
S. Gard Jones, Shoe Manufactory.
M. A. Packard & Co. Shoe Manufactory.
Geo. E. Keith, Shoe Manufactory.
Preston B. Keith, Shoe Manufactory.
Flavel B. Keith, Shoe Manufactory.
W. S. Green & Co. Shoe Manufactory.
Chas. W. Copeland, Shoe Manufactory.
Whitman, Churchill & Alden, Shoe Manufactory.
Crawford & Eaton Manufactory.
W. F. Field, Counter Manufactory.
O. F. Curtis, Shoe Manufactory.
Perkins & Joyce, Shoe Manufactory.
Jay B. Reynolds & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
Lincoln Blacking Co.
Maloon & Pierce, Machine Crimpers.
Brockton Water Works.
Fred W. Packard, Shoe Manufactory.
J. Reynolds & Co., Shoe Manufactory.
M. Kingman Shoe Manufactory.

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