Historic Map - Chicago, IL - 1898

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View of Chicago, Cook County, I.L., 1898 / drawn & published by Poole Brothers.

This colorful bird’s-eye view print of Chicago, Illinois was drawn and published by Poole Brothers in 1898. Poole Brothers was an important printing company in Chicago during this era, mostly printing transportation tickets and maps.

This map focuses on Chicago’s central business district, giving a handsome sketch of the town’s various endeavors.

The highly detailed map produced in 1898 includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and boats. It portrays port activity and railroad routes.

Letter & Number Coded References:


Adams Express Building.
American Express Building.
Argyle Building.
Art Institute.
Ashland Block.
Atlas Block.
Atwood Building.
Ayer’s Building.
Baltimore Building.
Bay State Building.
Board of Trade.
Borden Block.
Boyce Building.
Boylston Building.
Brother Jonathan Block.
Bryan Block.
Butler Building.
Central Music Hall.
Calumet Building.
Caxton Building.
Central Bank Building.
Central Union Block.
Ceylon Building.
Chamber of Commerce Building.
Champlain Building.
C. B. & Q. Building.
Chicago Opera House.
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Times-Herald Bldg.
Chicago Title & Trust Bldg.
Chickering Hall.
Cisco Building.
Citizens Bank Building.
City Hall.
Cobb’s Building.
Columbus Memorial Building.
Commerce Building.
Como Building.
Consolidated Exchange Bldg.
Counselman Building.
County Building.
Criminal Court Building.
Dexter Building.
Dickey Building.
Dunn Building.
Ellsworth Building.
Empire Building.
Equitable Building.
Evening Post Building.
Francis Building.
Franklin Building.
Fisher Building.
Fort Dearborn Building.
Gaff Building.
Girard Building.
Government Building.
Handel Building.
Hartford Building.
Home Insurance Building.
Howland Block.
Illinois Bank Building.
Imperial Building.
Industry Building.
Insurance Exchange Building.
Inter Ocean Building.
Isabella Building.
Kimball Hall.
Lafayette Building.
Lakeside Building.
La Salle Block.
Law Building.
Lenox Building.
Leonard Block.
Lichkenburg Block.
Lind Block.
Loomis Building.
Lowell Building.
Lumber Exchange.
McCormick Block.
Major Block.
Maller’s Building.
Manhattan Building.
Marquette Building.
Masonic Temple.
Medinah Temple.
Merchants Building.
Methodist Church Block.
Metropolitan Block.
Monadnock Building.
Monon Building.
Montauk Block.
National Union Building.
Newbury Building.
New York Life Insurance Building.
Occidental Building.
Ogden Block.
Old Colony Building.
Open Board of Trade.
Osborn Building.
Ottawa Building.
Owings Building.
Oxford Building.
Phenix Building.
Pontiac Building.
Poole Bros.
Portland Block.
Postoffice. (Temporary).
Powers Building.
Public Library.
Pullman Building.
Quincy Building.
Quinlan Block.
Real Estate Board Building.
Reaper Block.
Reliance Building.
Rialto Building.
Rookery Building.
Royal Insurance Building.
Saint Mary’s Block.
Schiller Building.
Security Building.
Seventh Regiment Armory.
Springer Building.
Staats Zeitung Building.
Stewart Building.
Stock Exchange Building.
Studebaker Building.
Tacoma Building.
Taylor Building.
Telephone Building.
Temple Court.
Teutonic Building.
The Temple.
Traders Building.
Tribune Building.
Union League Club.
United States Appraiser’s Office.
United States Express Bldg.
United States Subtreasury.
Unity Building.
Venetian Building.
Wells Building.
Western Bank Note Building.
Young Men’s Christian Assn. Building.


Atlantic Hotel.
Auditorium Hotel.
Auditorium Hotel (Annex).
Barnes House.
Bismarck Hotel.
Briggs House.
Burke’s Hotel.
Clifton House.
Continental Hotel.
Gault House.
Grand Pacific Hotel.
Great Northern Hotel.
Hotel Breevort.
Hotel Grace.
Hotel Grand Union.
Hotel Hanover.
Hotel Lafayette.
Hotel Lansing.
Hotel Le Grand.
Hotel Morrison.
Kimball Hotel.
Leland Hotel.
McCoy’s Hotel.
Merchants Hotel.
Palmer House.
Revere House.
Saratoga Hotel.
Sherman House.
Tremont House.
Victoria Hotel.
Wellington Hotel.
Windsor Hotel.
Wyoming Hotel.


Academy of Music.
Chicago Opera House.
Columbia Theater.
Dearborn Theater.
Gaiety Theater.
Grand Opera House.
Haymarket Theater.
Hopkins Theater.
Lyceum Theater.
McVicker’s Theater.
Olympic Theater.
Powers’ Theater.


American National Bank.
American Trust & Savings Bank.
Bankers’ National Bank.
Bank of Commerce.
Bank of Montreal.
Chemical Bank Building.
Chicago National Bank.
Commercial National Bank.
Continental National Bank.
Corn Exchange National Bank.
First National Bank.
Fort Dearborn National Bank.
Globe National Bank.
Hibernian National Bank.
Home National Bank.
Illinois Trust & Savings Bank.
Lincoln National Bank.
Mercantile Bank.
Merchants National Bank.
Metropolitan National Bank.
National Bank of America.
National Bank of the Republic.
Northwestern National Bank.
Prairie State National Bank.
State Bank of Chicago.
Union National Bank.
Western State Bank.


Chicago & North-Western Depot.
Dearborn Station.
Grand Central Passenger Station.
Illinois Central R. R. Depot.
Illinois Central R. R. Randolph St. Depot.
Illinois Central R. R. Van Buren St. Depot.
Lake Shore Depot.
Michigan Central R. R. Depot.
Rock Island Depot.
Union Depot.


Adams Street L Station.
Canal Street L Station.
Canal Street Metropolitan L Station.
Clark Street L Station.
Congress Street Station, Alley L.
Dearborn Street L Station.
Fifth Avenue L Station.
Halsted Street L Station.
Halsted Street Metropolitan L Station.
Madison Street L Stations.
Pacific Avenue L Station.
Quincy Street L Station.
Randolph Street L Station.
State Street L Stations.
Twelfth Street Station, Alley L.


Allen, W. D. & Co.
American Copper, Brass & Iron Works.
American Express Co.
Arnold Bros.
Barrett & Barrett.
Blackall, A. H. & Son.
Booth, A., Packing Co.
Born Brothers.
Boston Oyster House.
Boston Store.
Brink’s Chicago City Express.
Browning, King & Co.
Carpenter, Geo. B. & Co.
Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., Retail.
Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., Wholesale.
Central Market.
Chambers, J. B. & Co.
Chapin & Gore.
Chase & Sanborn.
Chicago Belting Co.
Chicago Business College.
Chicago Carpet Co.
Chicago Chronicle, The.
Chicago Daily News, The.
Chicago Edison Co.
Chicago Evening Post, The.
Chicago Journal, The.
Chicago Newspaper Union.
Chicago Oyster House.
Chicago Record, The.
Chicago Shot Tower Works.
Chicago Sugar Refinery.
Chicago Varnish Co.
Continental Bolt & Iron Works.
Crane Company.
Crane Company Tube Works.
Crane Elevator Company.
Crown Piano Co.
Dake Bakery.
Dennison Mfg. Co.
Disston, Henry & Sons.
Druecker, John.
Durand & Kasper Co.
Emporium, The.
Fair, The.
Farwell, J. V. & Co.
Fleischman & Co.
Foreman Shoe Co.
Fowler Bicycle Co.
Frank Bros.
Fraser & Chalmers.
French & Potter Co.
Fuller & Fuller Co.
General Electric Co.
Gerold, Chas. A.
Gillespie Lumber Co.
Gillett, E. W.
Gladiator Cycle Works.
Hallet & Davis Co.
Hallett’s Iron Works.
Hamilton Organ Co.
Hart, Schaffner & Marx.
Heilprin, L. & Co.
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
Hoyt, W. M. Co.
Hub, The.
Hubbard, W. L. & Co.
Husche, Chas.
Illinois Seed Co.
Jevne, C. & Co.
Johnson Chair Co.
Kaestner, Chas. & Co.
Keith, Edison & Co.
Kellogg, A. N. Newspaper Co.
Kimball, C. P. & Co.
Kimball, W. W. Co.
Kimbark, S. D.
King & Andrews Iron Foundry.
Kirk, Jas. S. & Co.
Klein’s Department Store.
Kranz, John.
Kuh, Nathan & Fischer Co.
Lalance & Grosjean Mfg. Co.
Lord, Owen & Co.
Lyon, Gary & Co.
Lyon, Healy & Co.
McClurg, A. C. & Co.
McCready Cork Co.
McLaughlin, W. F. & Co.
MacVeagh, Franklin & Co.
Manasse, Louis & Co.
Mandel Bros.
Marshall Field & Co., Retail.
Marshall Field & Co., Wholesale.
Maxwell Wall Paper Co.
Merchants Loan & Trust Co.
Merchants Parcel Delivery Co.
Merriam, Collins & Co.
Michigan Stove Works.
Miller & Armour.
Miller, John & Co.
Mitchell Elevator Co.
Monarch Bicycle Co.
National Tube Works.
Northern Trust Co.
Parmelee, Frank.
Peacock, C. D. & Co.
Peninsular Stove Co.
Peterson, Geo. F.
Phelps, Dodge & Palmer Co.
Pick, Albert & Co.
Pitkin & Brooks.
Press, A. J.
Preston & Co.
Produce Refrigerating Co.
Putnam Clothing House.
Raymond Lead Co.
Reedy Elevator Mfg. Co.
Revell, Alex. H. & Co.
Rothschild, A. M. & Co.
Schaaf, Adam.
Schlesinger & Mayer.
Schmidt, A. C. & Co.
Schuttler & Hotz.
Scully Steel & Iron Co.
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Sibley Warehouse and Storage.
Siegel, Cooper & Co.
Smyth, John M. & Co.
Sparr & Weiss.
Spaulding & Co.
Spaulding & Merrick.
Sprague, Smith & Co.
Sprague, Warner & Co.
Star Knitting Works.
Stayart, L. W.
Steele-Wedeles Co.
Stevenson, Robert & Co.
Strauss Furniture Co.
Sullivan Machine Co.
Sweet, Dempster & Co.
Swift & Co.
Thoms Bros.
Thomson & Taylor Spice Co.
Tolman, John A. & Co.
Tyler & Hippach.
Union Drop Forge Co.
Union Special Sewing Machine Co.
Van Schaack, Peter & Co.
Volkman, Stollwerck & Co.
Ward, Montgomery & Co.
Warder, Bushnell & Glaeener Co.
Washburn & Moen Co.
Wells-Fargo Express.
Western Cold Storage Warehouse.
Western Electric Co.
Western Telephone Co.
Wetmore & Pride.
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co.
Whipple Cycle Co.
Whitcomb, Geo. D.
Wilson Bros.
Wisconsin Dairy Co.
Wolf, Sayer & Heller.
Wolff Mfg. Co.
Wolff, L. Mfg. Co.
Wrisley, Allen B. Co.
Work Bros.
World Cycle Co.


Chicago Athletic Association.
Chicago Club.
Chicago Manual Training School.
Columbus Club.
Crerar Library.
Hull House.
Jewish Training School.
Young Women’s Christian Assn. Home.


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