Historic Map - East Haddam, CT - 1880

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View of East Haddam, Connecticut, and Goodspeeds Landing : 1880.

A bird's-eye view of East Haddam, CT, published by O. H. Bailey in 1880. The map depicts lively activity along the Connecticut River, with steamboats and sailing vessels in view. More than 400 ships were built in the shipyards on the Connecticut River from the mid 1700's through 1877. An inset illustration of Goodspeed's Opera House is shown, just three years after its completion. More than 600 people attended the opening night in October, 1877.

Charming illustrations appear in the lower margin, including:

Goodspeed's Opera House, Store and Residence
Champion House
Gelston House
Residence of W. C. Reynolds
Residence of Christopher Tyler
L. Boardman & Son Nickel Silver Works
L. Boardman & Son Britannia Ware Manufactories
Maplewood Music Seminary 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Luther Boardman & Son, Britannia Ware and Nickel Silver Manufactory
  2. Goodspeed's Opera House and Store
  3. Post-office, W. C. Reynolds, P. M.
  4. W. A. Cone, Insurance & Real Estate
  5. W. J. Squire, Manufacturer of Gill Netting
  6. Jas. S. Ray, Coffin Trimmings Manufactory
  7. W. J. Gates, Carriage Manufactory and General Blacksmithing
  8. W. H. Hayden, Drain Tile and Sewer Pipe Manufactory
  9. M. Dunn, Marble Works
10. National Bank of New England
11. J. Attwood, Attorney at Law
12. W. S. Brainard, Dentist
13. Samuel Cook, Furniture and Undertaking
14. J. C. Boylston, Merchant Tailor
15. Swan Bros., Livery and Sale Stable
16. Henry Hart, Barber, Clock and Watch Repairing
17. Gelston House
18. Residence of Luther Boardman
19. Residence of N. S. Boardman
20. Residence of Wm. H. Goodspeed
 A. Maplewood Music Seminary, D. S. Babcock, Principal
 B. Champion House, Watrous, Proprietor
 C. S. B. Warner, General Merchandise Store
 D. N. O. Harris, M. D., Druggist and Apothecary
 E. R. D. Spencer, General Merchandise
 F. H. H. Squire, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, Drugs and Medicines, Crockery, Confectionery, Tobacco, etc.
 G. D. Watrous, General Merchandise
 H. D. B. Warner, Lumber, Coal, Flour, etc.
  I. St. Stephens Episcopal Church
 J. Rectory St. Stephens Episcopal Church
 K. Public School
 L. Steamboat Dock
 M. Broom Manufactory
 N. Residence of Christopher Tyler
 O. Residence of D. Watrous
 P. Residence of D. B. Warner
 Q. Residence of J. B. Gelston

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