Historic Map - Great Falls, MT - 1891

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Perspective map of Great Falls, Mont. 1891.

Reproduction "Perspective Map" of Great Falls, Montana in 1891. The clear grid on the map of the city founded in 1883 by Paris Gibson and James J. Hill well illustrates the intention of the planned city, created to take advantage of the hydroelectric power of the "great falls" of the Missouri River. Electric power was brought to the city in 1890, upon the completion of the Black Eagle Dam. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city.

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Features the following "booster" statement:

  "Great Falls, Montana is situated in Northern Montana, on the line of the "Great Northern Railway" and on the upper Missouri at its confluence with the Sun River. Within the limits of this city, now numbering 6,000 people, the Missouri River makes a succession of falls over ledges of hard rock varying in height from 15 feet to 100 feet in perpendicular distance, aggregating in all over 500 feet of fall. Hence the name Great Falls. It is truly named because it is the greatest available water-power in Montana and greater than any in any of the adjoining states. At this point in the near future is destined to be congregated more people engaged in active business than at any other point on the lines of railway between St. Paul and Minneapolis on the East and the Cities of the Sound on the West. The reasons for this are Great Falls is the child of fortune and destiny. Nature has endowed her with peculiar riches and with man she has found favor. Around her has been located the best agricultural district of the sate, and for sheep, cattle and horses her plains have no superior."

  "300 Square Miles of Coal lay at her door, and through her is the only gateway to the rich surrounding deposits of Gold, Silver, Iron, Lead and Copper; and within her gates is the only practicable place to obtain the metals from the ores. Beautiful building rock of most excellent qualities and of many kinds and colors surround the city in great quantity. Clay awaiting the had of the potter and sand for the blower of glass. Vast forests of timber awaiting the ax-man, that can reach no other point for manufacture. Railways already radiate in five different directions. Many branches of business are already represented by both wholesale and retail concerns; five banks, an iron foundry, two saw-mills, one large silver smelter already in operation, and two large copper smelters already under construction. Black Eagle falls already improved in a most substatial manner at an outlay of $250,000.00 and furnishing a power 25,000 horses - all in a city not yet four years of age. Every branch of business is calling for additional representatives. A good paper mill is wanted; a good glass factory, large woolen mills, besides shirt, globe, brick, lime shoe and leather factories, would find unusual openings, both because of the location of the raw material as well as the excellent home market for their product."