Historic Map - Laredo, TX - 1892

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Perspective map of the city of Laredo, Texas, the Gateway to and from Mexico. Presented with the compliments of the Laredo Real Estate & Abstract Co.

Reproduction historical map of Laredo, TX, drawn and published in 1892. One of the oldest border crossing points on the U. S. and Mexico border, the map features the subtitle "The Gateway to and from Mexico".

Inset illustrations of the following appear on the map:

Laredo's Railway Connections.
City Hall.
Webb County Court House.
Opera House.
Hotel Hamilton.
The Laredo Improvement Co.
The Commercial Hotel.
Office Block.
Masonic Hall.
Continuation of "The Heights". 

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Features the following "booster" statement:


From Chicago:
Chicago, St. Louis, Laredo to City of Mexico.........2236.
Chicago, Kansas CIty, El Paso to City of Mexico...2886.
In favor of Laredo Route, 650 Miles.

New Orleans:
New Orleans via Laredo to City of Mexico............1578.
New Orleans via El Paso to City of Mexico............2438.
In favor of Laredo Route 855 Miles.

  Drainage excellent. Ample water power. Health and climate unsurpassed. Splendid business openings for men of push and energy.
  Sites for manufacturing establishments donated by the Board of Trade.
  Laredo needs and will give substantial and hearty encouragement to Cotton and Woolen Mills, Iron Works and Machine Shops, Paper Mills, Tanneries, Factories for the manufacture of wagons and carriages, Furniture and all kinds of Woodenware, and all other manufactures.
  Manufacturing establishments exempted from taxation for ten years.
  We have the Raw Material in Abundance. Laredo has six miles of Electric Street Railway.
  Laredo is lighted by Electricity.
  The Two Laredos have a population of 18,000.
  Laredo, Mexico, is the largest Port of Entry in the Republic.
  The two Laredos are connected by two steel bridges across the Rio Grande, and the Electric Motor Street Railway.
  The fruit growing and agricultural lands about Laredo are unsurpassed in the State. The Laredo coal fields contain the largest veins and the best quality of coal mined in the state of Texas.
  Laredo makes the best and cheapest brick in Texas.
  Laredo has unequalled transportation facilities.
  Laredo possesses advantages for Investors, Manufacturers, Merchants, Professional Men, and Home Seekers such as no other city in the Southwest can offer.

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