Historic Map - Los Angeles, CA - 1894

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Los Angeles, California, 1894. Drawn & lithographed by B. W. Pierce.

The city of Los Angeles was founded in 1781 by Felipe de Neve, a Spanish governor. In 1821, after declaring independence from Spain, the city became a part of Mexico. Following the Mexican-American War, in 1848 the city became a part of the United States. Two years later, the city was incorporated. Experiencing frequent booms in population, it has grown to be the second largest city in the United States. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the city. Complete reference list below.

The following text is included on the map:


Finding it impossible to properly illustrate the whole City, as seen from on direction, I found it necessary to make the view in two sections. The UPPER VIEW shows the City as seen from the Electric Power House, corner of Wilder St. and Central Ave. looking North. This section shows the business portion and is the main view. The LOWER VIEW shows all that part of the City not shown in the main view.

Electric Railways are indicated by the letter "E" at frequent intervals. Cable Roads by "C" and Horse Railways by "H".

Where names of streets could not be inserted, some sign as Δ , +, or O is placed in street and the sign and name are written in some open space near by.

B.W. Pierce

Features numbered references to the following locations:

    1. West End Cong'l Church.
    2. Casco St. School.
    3. Union Ave School.
    4. Emmanuel Presby'n Church.
    5. First Christian Church.
    6. German Catholic Church.
    7. Pugh & Sons Planing Mill.
    8. U. Pres. Church.
    5A. Swedish Lutheran Church.
    9. Church.
  10. Cable Power House.
  11. Simpson M.E. Tabernacle.
  12. Swedish Bap. Church.
  13. Abbotsford Inn.
  14. German Lutheran Ch.
  15. Bellevue Terrace.
  16. Belmont Hall.
  16A. English Lutheran Ch.
  17. Oil Wells.
  18. Union Ave. M.E. Church
  19. Grafton St. School.
  20. Bethany Pres. Ch.
  21. Temple St. Cable Power House.
  22. Temple St. School.
  23. Park Cong'l Church.
  24. Fremont Ave School.
  25. Normal.
  26. Hazards Pavilion.
  27. 1st Cong'l Church.
  27A. St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
  28. 1st Baptist Church.
  29. Spring St. School.
  30. Trinity M.E. Church.
  31. Burbank Theatre.
  32. Wesley Chapel.
  33. 2nd Baptist Church.
  34. German Baptist Church.
  35. Alta Planing Mill.
  36. City Garden.
  37. Free Methodist Church.
  37A. Evangelische Friedens Kirche.
  38. L.A. Planing Mill.
  39. Cathedral School.
  40. St. Vibiana Cathedral.
  41. The Westminster.
  41A. Office of the Evening Express.
  42. Main St. Bank.
  43. U.S.P.O. & Gov. Bldg.
  44. Turn Verein Hall.
  45. Stimson Bldg.
  46. Bradbury Bldg.
  47. 1st M.E. Church.
  48. 1st German Church.
  49. Unity Church.
  50. Y.M.C.A. Bldg.
  51. City Hall.
  52. 1st Pres. Church.
  53. So. Cal. Bank.
  54. The Hollenbeck.
  55. Bryson Block.
  56. The Nadeau.
  57. Daily Times Bldg.
  58. L.A. National Bank.
  59. Phillips Block.
  60. Abstract Bldg.
  61. Court House.
  61A. Sand St. School.
  62. High School.
  63. Alpine St. School.
  64. Epworth M.E. Church.
  65. Bellevue Ave. M.E.C.H.S.
  66. Sisters Hospital.
  67. Reservoirs.
  68. Jewish Cemetery.
  69. L.A. Terra Cotta & Pressed Brick Works.
  70. Orphans Home.
  71. Castelar St. School.
  72. Plaza Mission Church.
  73. Baker Block.
  74. Hoffman House.
  75. St. Elmo Hotel.
  76. Temple Block.
  77. U.S. Hotel.
  78. L.A. Flour Mills.
  79. Union Iron Works.
  80. Arcade Depot.
  80A. African M.E. Church.
  81. Electric Power House.
  82. Electric Light Works.
  83. Mateo St. M.E.C.H.S.
  84. Stimson Planing Mill.
  85. La Grande Depot.
  86. L.A. Lithograph Co.
  87. Grace M.E. Church.
  87A. Hewett St. School.
  88. L.A. Soap Works.
  89. Philadelphia Brewery.
  90. S. Cal. Cracker Co.
  91. Gas Works.
  92. Cudahy Packing Co.
  93. Kerchkoff & Cuzner Plaining Mill.
  94. Capitol Mills.
  95. Baker Ironworks.
  96. Cable Railway Viaduct.
  97. River Station, Yards, Machine Shop, etc.
  98. 3rd Cong'l Church.
  98A. Ice Factory.
  99. Ann St. School.
100. Columbia Foundry.
101. Hookers Pipe Works.
102. Stearns Mfg Co.
103. F. Stearns Machine Shop.
104. Fulton Engine Co.
105. Griffifths Mill.
107. Hayes St. School.
108. Hellman St. School.
109. E. Side Christian Church.
110. E. Side Cong'l Church.
112. E. Side Presbyt'n Church.
113. E. Side Baptist Church.
114. E. Side Catholic Church.
110A. Episcopal Church.
115. E. Side M.E. Church.
116. Sacred Heart School.
117. Gates St. School.
118. County Hospital.
119. Bethlehem Church.
120. S. Cal. Pack'g Co.
121. Terminal Railway Depot.
122. Episcopal Church.
122A. Cornwall St. School.
123. M.E. Church.
124. Presbyterian Church.
125. Cable Powerhouse.
126. E. 1st St. School.

               *LOWER VIEW*

  1. Ice Factory.
  2. 7th St. School.
  3. Bishop Confectionery Mfg. Co.
  3A. Reformed Presby'n Church.
  4. Electric Power House.
  5. Bethesda Presby'n Ch.
  6. Staunton Ave School.
  7. Santa Fe Ave. School.
  8. Ninth St. School.
  9. German Baptist Church.
10. 2nd German M.E. Church
11. German Catholic Church.
11A. San Pedro St. School.
12. 7th Day Advent Church.
13. Central Christian Church.
14. 3rd Presb'n Church.
15. Memorial Baptist Church.
15A. 16th St. School
16. Wash. St. Planing Mill.
17. Cal. Plaining.
18. 30th St. School.
19. Vincent M.E. Church.
20. Redondo Railway Depot.
21. Sisters of St. Joseph School.
21A. United Brethren Church.
22. St. Vincent Church.
22A. St. Vincent College.
23. Christ Church (Episcopal)
24. Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.
25. 17th St. School.
26. Plymouth Cong'l Church.
27. St. John's Ch. (Episcopal)
28. University Ch. & (M.E.) University of S. Cal.
29. Public School.
30. Froebel Institute.
31. W. End M. E. Church
32. Olivet Congregational Church.
33. Tenth Street School.
34. Pico Heights Water Works.
35. Grand View Presbyterian Church.
36. Academy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
37. Pico Heights M.E. Church.
38. Pico Heights Cong'l Church.
39. Pico Heights School.
40. Rosedale School.


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