Historic Map - Milwaukee, WI - 1879

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Milwaukee, Wis. 1879. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Fascinating illustrated view of the city of Milwaukee, drawn by J. J. Stoner in 1879, reprint. While the region had been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, the first European known to inhabit the area was French fur-trader Alexis Laframboise, in 1785, who established a trading post in the region. The city of Milwaukee can be traced back to a series of trading posts established by French fur-trader, Jacques Vieau, in 1795. Solomon Juneau purchased the trading post that Vieau had established at the mouth of the Milwaukee River in 1820.

During the 1830's, three settlements emerged around this portion of the river, one being a settlement called Juneautown, founded by Solomon Juneau and his new partner, Green Bay lawyer Morgan Martin, who purchased 160 acres of land between Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River. Land west of the Milwaukee River was purchased by Byron Kilbourn, who founded the settlement of Kilbourntown. South of these two settlements, the town of Walker's Point was founded by George H. Walker in 1835. The three settlements engaged in fierce competition to attract residents and grow their towns. When the Wisconsin State Legislature ordered the construction of a bridge over the Milwaukee River in 1840, it was to Juneautown's advantage. In 1845, Byron Kilbourn destroyed a portion of the bridge. This began what is known as the "Milwaukee Bridge War" which resulted in the injury of several persons involved in skirmishes. On January 31, 1846 the three settlements merged into the incorporated city of Milwaukee, with Solomon Juneau elected mayor. The new city was now the largest in the territory, with a population of about 10,000.

Throughout the 1840's Wisconsin and Milwaukee specifically became the destination of many Germans who were fleeing the political upheaval in Germany and Austria, seeking the freedom and opportunities that were being presented in the newly settled area. Milwaukee had more German language newspapers than English language newspapers throughout the second half of the 19th century and into the 20th century. Polish immigrants also arrived in large numbers, settling mostly on Milwaukee's South Side. Along with these and other European immigrants, elements of European culture influenced the development of the city, as is evidenced in the variety of ethnic churches listed on the map. There were 138 taverns in Milwaukee as early as 1843, and by 1856, there were more than two dozen breweries in the city. Most breweries were German owned and operated, with names still remembered today such as Pabst, Blatz, Schlitz and Miller.

The map features an index of businesses and public buildings that are shown on the map.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House.
  2. City Hall.
  3. Post Office.
  4. All Saints Cathedral (Episcopal).
  5. Calvary Church (Presbyterian).
  6. Church of the Holy Name, Catholic.
  7. Congregational Church.
  8. 1st German M. E. Church.
  9. Hebrew Temple.
10. Immanuel Church, Presbyterian.
11. Methodist Episcopal Church.
12. Methodist Episcopal Church, Spring Street.
13. Plymouth Church, Congregational.
14. Polish Catholic Church.
15. Second Baptist Church.
16. St. Galls Church, Catholic.
17. St. James Church, Episcopal.
18. St. John's Cathedral, Catholic.
19. St. John's Church, Lutheran.
20. St. Mary's Church, Catholic.
21. St. Paul's Church, Episcopal.
22. St. Paul's Church, Lutheran.
23. St. Peter's Church, Catholic.
24. First Baptist Church.
25. Temple Emanu-El.
26. Trinity Church, German Lutheran.
27. Unitarian Church.
28. Welsh M. E. Church.
29. Zion Church Evangelical.
30. St. Francis Capuchin.
31. Trinity Church, Lutheran.
32. St. Matheus Church, Lutheran.
33. Emanuel Church, Lutheran.
34. First Dutch Reformed Church.
35. St. Joseph's Church, Catholic.
36. 10th District Primary School.
37. 10th District School.
38. North Side Turner Hall.
39. 9th District School.
40. Altpeter's Brewery.
41. 13th District School.
42. Jos. Shlitz Brewing Co.
43. Voechting & Shape.
44. 6th District School.
45. J. Obermann & Co.'s Brewery.
46. Milwaukee Brewing Association.
47. St. Johanna Church, Catholic.
48. Ph. Best Brewing Co.
49. 2nd District School.
50. 2nd District Primary School.
51. Wm. Gerlach Wisconsin Malt House.
52. Otto Zwietusch, Manufacturer of Mineral Water & Apparatus.
53. Bohemian Turner Hall.
54. Liedertafel Hall.
55. Second Ward School.
56. Brandt & Co., Foundry.
57. Liederkranz Hall.
58. Louis Liebscher, Brewer and Malster.
59. Wm. Willer, Sash, Door and Blind Factory.
60. A. Schoenleber, Furniture Factory.
61. Phoenix Mills, E. Sanderson & Co., Proprietors.
62. Oldenberg & Baltes, Furniture Manufacturers.
63. East Side Market Hall.
64. Valentine Blatz Brewing Company.
65. Borchert's Brewery.
66. St. Mary's Institute and Mother-House of the School-Sisters of Notre Dame.
67. German and English Academy.
68. Concordia Fire Insurance Company.
69. Germania Printing Office.
70. F. J. Dixon, Cash Grocer.
71. Louis Werrbach, Proprietor, Soda and Mineral Water Factory.
72. Dr. G. Williams' Medical & Surgical Institute.
73. H. Buestrin & Co., Builders and Contractors.
74. Fette, Meyer & Co., Coal Yard.
75.Grand Opera House.
76. High School.
77. Milwaukee College.
78. Orphans Asylum.
79. 7th District School.
80. 1st District School.
81. 3rd District School.
82. West Side Turner Hall.
83. 4th District School.


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