Historic Map - Portland, OR - 1879

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Drawn and published by E.S. Glover. A.L. Bancroft & Co., lithographers.

The city of Portland, Oregon was founded near the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in 1845. Originally known as "the Clearing", the city was named after a coin toss between Asa Lovejoy and Francis W. Pettygrove, with Pettygrove emerging as the winner. Both had wanted to name the city after their hometown, with Lovejoy championing Boston, and Pettygrove wanting Portland.

The city has emerged as the 3rd most populous city in the Pacific Northwest, and is often recognized as the "Greenest City in America" due to it's proactive stance on environmental issues.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

Public Schools:

  1) High School.
  2) Madison Street School.
  3) Harrison Street School.
  4) Central School.
  5) North School.

East Side Schools:

  6) High School.
  7) Stephens' School
  8) Pacific School.
  9) J Street School.
10) Court House.
11) Post Office.
12) Masonic Temple.
13) Theatre.
14) Odd Fellows' Building.
15) Clarendon Hotel.
16) Oregon Insane Asylum.

M.E. Church, corner 3rd and Taylor Sts.
Congregational, 2nd and Jefferson Sts.
Episcopal, 6th and Oak Sts.
Catholic, 3rd and Stark Sts.
Presbyterian, 3rd and Washington Sts.
Baptist, 4th and Alder Sts.
Lutheran, 8th and Stark Sts.
Evangelical, 8th and Clay Sts.
Plymouth Congregational, 14th and E Sts.
Second M.E., 6th and Hall Sts.
Second Episcopal, 5th and Madison Sts.
Third Episcopal, 1st and Corruthers Sts.

East Portland Churches:
M.E. Church, I and 9th Sts.
Congregational, 5th and Hassalo Sts.
Baptist, 7th and G Sts.
Catholic, K and 12th Sts.
Episcopal, N and 5th Sts.
Scandinavian, Stepens Addition

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