Historic Map - New London, CT - 1911

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Aero view of New London, Connecticut 1911.

An historic map print reproduction of New London, CT, published by Hughes & Bailey in 1911. A city with a rich colonial history, the official state hero of Connecticut, Nathan Hale, taught school here. This map captures New London as it was in the beginning of the 20th Century.

World famous playwright, Eugene O'Neill (October 16, 1888 ~ November 27, 1953) spent his summers in New London as a young boy, and later worked for the New London Telegraph, writing poetry as well as reporting.

The following "booster" statement is printing on the lower left margin:

"New London is one of the noted, important and promising cities of the Atlantic Coast.

Has wide range of advantages, interests and attractions.

Is especially rich in Historical Places and Records. Its spacious Deep Water Harbor is one of the finest in the world. Recently made an I. T. port by Congress. Has varied and extensive manufacturing, Commercial and Mercantile Enterprises. Sound Banks, well managed, with ample capital. Educational system and facilities of the highest order and excellence. Abundant supply of purest water. The sea air and splendid location assure its unusual healthfulness. Well equipped Fire Department and efficient Police afford thorough protection. As a Summer Resort New London ranks exceptionally high, offering the tourist and visitor every attraction for health and recreation.

For the Home and pleasure seeker or business man it presents the best and strongest inducements.

A Board of Trade and a Business Men's Association of active and prominent men, alive to local interests, invite and will encourage further enterprise."

Inset photos and illustrations are placed above and below the map, depicting notable buildings such as:

The Union Bank
The Mariners Savings Bank
The Day Publishing Co, Day Building
Foran Furniture Co.
E. D. Steele, Inc., Neptune Building
Walter A. Smith & Co.
Hotel Mochican
The Savings Bank of New London
Crocker House, The Parker-Davenport Co., Proprietors
Putnam Furniture Mfg. Co.
F. C. Chidsey, Optician
Thomas Express and Transfer Co.
E. W. Thompson, Piano and Furniture Movers
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, J. J. Ryan Builder
Statue of Governor Winthrop
Court House, Built 1784
U. S. Custom House
Post Office
Public Library
Thames Club House
The Elks Home
City Hall
State Armory
Bulkeley high School for Boys
Williams Memorial Institute for Girls
Manual Training School
Old School House, "Where Nathan Hale Taught"
Shaw Mansion, Washington's Headquarters, New London Historical Society's Building
Old Town Mill, Built by Governor Winthrop, 1650
First Congregational Church
St. James Episcopal Church
Catholic Church, St. Mary's Star of the Sea
First Baptist Church
Winthrop School
Nathan Hale Grammar School
Nameaug School
Saltonstall School
Harbor School
Robert Bartlett School
The Brainerd & Armstrong Co. (Finishing Mill, Weaving Mill, Throwing Mill, Dye House)
The T. A. Scott Co.
Central Coal Co.
The Brown Cotton Gin Co.
New England Wash Silk Co.
The Thames Tow Boat Co., Marine Railway and Ship Yard
The Bingham Paper Box and Printing Co.
B. B. Gardner, National Transfer & Forwarding Co.
The Palmer Bros. Co.
The J. Warren Gay Electrical Co.
The New London Coal Co.
M. A. Kane Co.
The Thames River Lumber Co., Inc.
The Shea Grain Co.

Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following locations:

  • City Hall, corner State and Union Streets.
  • Court House, built 1789, Huntington, opposite State St.
  • Post Office, corner State and Union Sts.
  • Custom House, Bank, between Pearl and Golden.
  • Public Library, corner, State and Harrison Sts.
  • State Armory, corner, Washington and Coit Sts.
  • Memorial Hospital, Garfield St.
  • Lawrence Hospital, between Montauk and Ocean Aves.
  • Thames Club, corner, State and Washington Sts.
  • Elks Club, Washington, near Coit St.
  • Bulkeley School, Bulkeley Place and Huntington St.
  • Williams Memorial Institute, Broad near Gibson St.
  • Manual Training and Industrial School, Waller St.
  • Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, Huntington and Richard St.
  • Old Town Mill, Mill St., near Main.
  • Avery, C. L. Counselor at Law, 40 Bank Street.
  • Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., The Great. J. S. Saxton, Manager, 56 State Street.
  • Avery & Son, G. G. Livery, Coach & Sale Stable, 176 Main Street.
  • Babcock Printing Press Manufacturing Co., The. 50 Pequot Avenue.
  • Beard, D. A. Residence, 177 Ocean Avenue.
  • Bingham Paper Box & Printing Co., The. 19 Mountain Avenue.
  • Bishop, Albert A. Dentist, 84 State Street.
  • Bishop, Giles & Son. Photographers, 56 State Street.
  • Brainerd & Armstrong Co, The. Silk Manufacturers, 82 Union Street.
  • Brown Cotton Gin Co., The. 36 Pequot Ave.
  • Calkins, Arthur B. Attorney at Law and Judge of Probate, Corner, State & Bank Streets.
  • Calvert, DeWitt. Paints & Paper Hanging, Books & Musical Publications, 125 Main St.
    Central Coal Co. 186 Bank St.
  • Chappell, Wm. S. Real Estate and Insurance, 79 Green St.
  • Chidsey, Frederick C. Optician, eyeglasses, spectacles, cameras, plate supplies, developing and printing, 10 Main St.
  • Cotlins, A. B. Carriage Making & Repairing; Rubber Tire Work a Specialty, 569 Bank St.
    Crocker House. The Parker-Davenport Co., Proprietors, 178 State Street.
  • Crowley, Rev. T. M. St. Mary's Star of the Sea. Roman Catholic Church, 16 Huntington St.
    Daboll & Crandall. Civil Engineers, 98 State St.
  • Daboll, E. V. Co. Insurance & Real Estate, Reginald M. Rowland, Managing partner, 50 State Street.
  • Damon & Palmer. Automobile & Launch Repairing, General Machine Work of every Description, Rear 438 Bank St.
  • Dart, M. Wilson. Groceries & Provisions, Yact Stores a Specialty, Corner, Bank & Howard Sts.
  • Day Publishing Co., The. 47 Main Street.
    Denison & Brown. Lumber, 376 Bank St.
  • Dillon, Thomas C. Real Estate & Insurance, 154 State St.
  • Donahue, Thomas E. Apron & Towel Supplies, 149 Bank St.
  • Donnelly, D. St. Clair. Architect, 98 State St.
  • Dray, Edward. Sole Agent, Jones, Portsmouth Ales & Porter, 91 Main St.
  • Eshenfelder Bros. Sample Room, 3 Railroad Ave.
  • FitzGerald, J. E. Co., The. General Contractors, FitzGerald Building, corner, Bank & State Sts.
    Foran Furniture Co. 224-226 Bank St., 73 State St.
  • Fowler Bros. (James & Thomas). Mason Contractors, 181 & 331 Ocean Ave.
  • Ganey, Joseph M. Physician, 8 Main St.
  • Gardner, B. B. Storage, National Transfer & Forwarding Co., 18 Blackhall St.
  • Gardner, B. B. Piano and Furniture Packer, Mover and Shipper, Safe Mover, Freight and Baggage Transfer, Light and Heavy Teaming, Storage, 18 Blackhall St.
    Gay, J. Warren, Electrical Co., The. Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 19 Union St.
  • Hayes, H. E. Adams Express Co. Agent, R. R. Depot.
  • Hitchcock, Frederick, St. John. Principal, Manual Training and Industrial School; Residence, 48 Granite Street.
  • Hobron & Root. Painters and Decorators, 50 Church St.
  • Huber & Chittenden. Dry Goods and Carpets, 60 State St.
  • Hilliar Co., The. Plumbing, Heating and Tinning, Stoves and Ranges, 314 Bank St.
    Hull, McGuire & Hull. Counselors at Law, 48 Main St. (Hull Building).
  • Jerome's Dairy Lunch. 20-26 Golden St. and Ocean Beach.
  • Johnson, Wallace R. Insurance of all kinds, Real Estate and Notary Public, 130 State St.
    Kane Co, M. A. Manufacturers and Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, 29 Jefferson Ave.
    Kennedy, Harry J. Practical plumber, Yacht Plumbing, 398 Bank St.
  • Kenyon, F. P., & Son. Photographers, 154 State St.
  • Levinson, D. French and American Window Glass, 330 Bank St.
  • Mahan, Bryan F. Lawyer, 29 Union St.
  • Mallon, John M. Wine Room, 46 Golden St.
  • Mariners Savings Bank, The. 224 State St. (near Post Office).
  • May, Jas. R. Real Estate Broker, General Insurance, 44 State St.
  • Maynard, A. J. Automobile Tires, etc., 27 South St., New York.
  • McGinley Bros. Real Estate, General Insurance, Mortgages, Surety Bonds, 48 Main St.
    Metzermacher, Chas. A. Painter and Decorator, 7 & 9 Howard St.
  • Miner, Sidney H. Real Estate and Insurance, 154 State St.
  • Mohican Hotel, The. F. B. Walker, Manager, 281 State St.
  • Monte Christo Garage. Finest Garage in New England; capacity, one hundred and twenty-five cars; James P. Sullivan, Proprietor, 8-10 Union St.
  • Murray, W. A. Choice Groceries and Provisions, 729 - 733 Bank St.
  • Murray, W. A. Saloon, 795 Bank St.
  • National Bank of Commerce. B. A. Armstrong, President; G. B. Prest, Vice-President; Wm. H. Reeves, Cashier. 166 State St.
  • New England Carpet Lining Co., The. Frederick W. Mercer, Treasurer, Water, foot of John St.
  • New London Cash Shoe Store. Iman Elionsky, Manager, 305 Bank St.
  • New London Coal Co., The. Coal, 350 Bank St.
  • New London Gas & Electric Co. Crocker House Annex, 31 Union St.
  • New London Daily Globe, Publishing Co., 133 Green St., corner Pearl.
  • New London Printing Co. E. E. Darrow, Proprietor, corner Green and Pearl Sts.
  • Nichols Harris Co., The. Wholesale and Retail Druggists, 119 State St., 20 Main St.
  • New London Telegraph, Publishing & Printing Co. 21 Union St.
  • New London Wash Silk Co., Incorporated. Embroidery, Crochet, Knitting, Motor Scarf, etc., Silks, Hempstead and home Sts.
  • O. K. Bakery, The. F. L Wuest, Proprietor, corner Bank and Howard Sts.
  • O'Neill Bros. Retail Liquor Dealers, 20 Bank St.
  • Palmer Bros. Co., The. Manufacturers of Comfortables, 18 Broad St.
  • Perry Ice Co., The W. R. 87 Bradley St.
  • Perry & Stone. Jewelers and Silversmiths, 138 State St.
  • Prince, Samuel. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 84 State St.; Residence, 244 Hempstead St.
  • Putnam Furniture Manufacturing Co. Household Furniture, 292-304 Bank St.
  • Rose, Chas. H. Piano, Furniture and Safe Mover, Freight and Baggage Transfer, 11 Rosemary St.
  • Ryan, John J. Mason Builder, 105 Blackhall St.
  • Savings Bank of New London, The. H. Chapman, President.; Walter Learned, Secretary and Treasurer; 63 Main St.
  • Schwaner's City Market, C. H. Schwaner, Proprietor, 40 Main St.
  • Scott, T. A. Co., Inc., The. Towing, Diving, Dredging, Pile Driving, 292 Pequot Ave.
  • Shea Grain Co., The. Hay and Grain, 167 Howard St.
  • Smiddy, James. Ales, Wines and Liquors, 165 Bank St.
  • Smith, Walter A., & Co. Interior decorators, 247 State St.
  • Soltz, Co., The. Wholesale and Retail Butchers, 52 John St.; Retail Market, 138 Main St.
    Square Deal Paint & Seed Store. Fitch & Brown, Managers, 7 & 9 Howard St.
  • Steele, E. D., Inc. Outfitters, Neptune Building, State St.
  • Steam Bottling Co. Wholesalers of Beer and Aerated Waters, 167 Howard St.
  • Swanson's Cafe & Grill, C. A. Swanson, Proprietor, corner, Bank and Golden Sts.
  • Sweeney, James. Architect, 140 State St.
  • Thames River Lumber Co., (Inc.), The. Yards and Docks at Eastern Ave. and Lewis St.
  • Thames Marine Railway & Shipyard, and Thames Tow Boat Co., The. 286 Bank St.; N. Y. Office, 7 Broadway.
  • Thomas' Express & Transfer Co. All kinds of Trucking and Teaming, Piano, Safe and Furniture Moving and Hoisting, 24 State St.
  • Thompson, E. W. Piano and Furniture Mover, Modern Storage Warehouse, 428 Bank St.
  • Twomey, Jeremiah. Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 52 Bank St.
  • Union Bank, The. F. Tinker, President; Carlos Barry, Jr., Cashier; 61 State St.
    Gillette-Vibber Co., The. Electrical Specialties. Wheeler H. Vibber, President, 32 Maple Ave.
    Waller, Chas. B. Lawyer, 38 Main St.
  • Whaley, Clark B. Family Groceries, 245 Howard St.
  • Whiton, D. E., Machine Co., The. 190 Howard St.
  • Winship, E. Oliver. Physician, Crocker House Annex; Residence, 284 Ocean Ave.

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