Historic Map - New Haven, CT - 1879

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The city of New Haven, Conn. 1879. Drawn & pub. by O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen.

An historic map print reproduction of New Haven, CT, published by O. H. Bailey in 1879. A city with a rich colonial history, this map captures the New Haven as it appeared fifteen years after the Civil War.

The local economy was boosted by wartime purchases of industrial goods produced in New Haven, including weapons made by the New Haven Arms Company, which would later become the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The Winchester Company continued to manufacture arms in New Haven until 2006. Many of the notable buildings from the plant shown on the map are today part of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company Historic District.

New Haven was prepared for the industrial revolution, being the home of Yale University, which was founded there in 1701. Yale graduate Eli Whitney remained in New Haven after leaving the university and began his independent work there. He developed the cotton gin and established a gun making factory in New Haven. The automatic revolver was invented by Samuel Colt in Whitney's gun factory in 1836.

Following the American Civil War, the population of New Haven doubled by the turn of the century. A large influx of European immigrants arrived to work in the factories, particularly immigrants from Italy. Today, about half of the population of East Haven, West Haven and North Haven are of Italian dissent, descendants of those immigrants who arrived in the latter part of the 19th Century.

The map has been edited slightly to remove a distracting dark fold line and minor margin repair.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
  2. Sargent & Co. Hardware Manufacturers.
  3. I. Candee & Co. Rubber Works.
  4. Mallory, Wheeler & Co. Lock Manufacturers.
  5. O. B. North & Co. Carriage & Saddlery Hardware & Malleable Iron Manufacturers.
  6. B. Shoninger & Co. Organ Manufacturers.
  7. Henry Hooker & Co. Carriage Manufacturers.
  8. G. F. Warner & Co. Malleable & Gray Iron Manufacturers. Hardware, Etc.
10. M. Seward & Son. Carriage Hardware Manufacturers.
11. H. B. Bigelow & Co. Manufacturers of Steam Engines & Boilers.
12. Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor. Printers & Book Binders.
13. Samuel Peck & Co. Manufacturer of Photographic Aparatus, Cases, Frames, etc.
14. Wm. S. Robinson & Co. Manufacturers of Oyster Tubs & Kegs & Extension Tables.
15. T. H. Fulton & Son. Manufacturers of Burwells & Fultons Superior Washing Soaps.
16. Munson & Co. Manufacturers of Patent Paper Boxes.
17. Wm. A. Clark. Manufacturer of Clark's Patent Expansive Bits.
18. G. M. Loomis. Temple of Music.
19. David B. Crockett. Manufacturer of Preservative Architectural Wood Finish.
20. French Brothers Wholesale & Retail dealers in Coal & Wood.
21. Whittlesey & Eaton Dealers in all kinds of Coal & Wood.
22. Russell Brothers. New York Butler House.
23. New Haven Baking Company.
24. S. M. Munson & Co. Family Pies.
25. Tontine Hotel. J. W. Bradley, Proprietor.
26. Tremont House, C. E. Cruttenden, Proprietor.
26. Elliott House, Samuel H. Crane, Proprietor.
27. Baker Hotel, Samuel Baker, Proprietor.
28. Madison House, N. T. Judd, Proprietor.
29. Yale College.
29. Yale Sheffield Scientific School.
30. Collegiate & Commercial Institute.
31. Hopkins Grammer School, Established 1660.
32. Hillhouse High School.
33. City Hall.
33. County Court House.
34. Custom House & Post Office.
35. Old State House.
36. State Hospital.
37. Alms House.
38. County Jail.
39. Music Hall.
40. Opera House.
41. Tabernacle.
42. Yale Boat House.
43. N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R. Shops & Round House.
44. N. H. & N. Shops & Half Round House.
45. Gas Works.
46. Belle Dock.
46. Steamboat Wharf.
47. F. A. & D. B. Alling. Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Coal & Wood.
48. Benedict & Co. Dealers in all kinds of Coal & Wood.
49. Wm. Smith. The Peoples Coal & Wood Yard.
50. New Haven Chemical Works.
51. New Haven Wire Works.

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