Historic Map - New York & Brooklyn, NY - 1851

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Bird's eye view of New-York & Brooklyn / drawn from nature & on stone by J. Bachmann.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map of New York and Brooklyn, New York, drawn from nature on stone by John Bachmann and published by A. Guerber & Co. in 1851. Long before being annexed to New York City, Brooklyn was a growing city of its own, ready to burst its borders. Three years after this map's publishing Brooklyn would annex nearby Williamsburg and the bridge to Manhattan would be completed thirty years later making boat trips between Manhattan and Brooklyn no longer necessary. Brooklyn would become part of New York City in 1894. The map shows New York and Brooklyn looking towards the city from where the Hudson River meets the East River. It shows trading ships passing by Ellis Island. In 1851, journalist Henry Jarvis Raymond and banker George Jones founded The New York Times as the "New-York Daily Times" in New York.

This panoramic illustrated map from 1851 shows buildings, lively street scenes and shipping traffic. While the map shows visible age and damage, the delicacy and quality of the detailed illustrations is not lost.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Blackwells Island
  2. City Hall
  3. Battery
  4. Castle Garden
  5. Custom House
  6. Merchant's Exchange
  7. Williamsburg
  8. Navy Yard
  9. City Hall
  10. Governors Island
  11. Fort Columbus
  12. Castle Williams