Historic Map - Oregon Territory - 1841

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Map of the Oregon Territory / by the U.S. Ex. Ex., Charles Wilkes, Esqr., Commander, 1841.

From the late 1790's until the 1840's the state of Oregon had been part of the much larger Oregon Territory, which was divided between Great Britain, France, Spain, and Russia - though the United States quickly took over the Spanish claim. After the War of 1812, the Treaty of 1818 gave the land solely to Britain. By the early 1840's, there was a movement to turn Oregon Territory into it's own nation, though this was short lived and by 1846, the land was annexed by the United States. In 1848, the US began to organize the territory, and by 1858 the land was divided between Oregon and Washington Territory. In February of 1859 Oregon was officially admitted to the Union. This beautiful map provides a look at the early days of the states of Oregon and Washington.