Historic Map - Philadelphia, PA - 1888

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View of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, P.A., 1888 / drawn & published by Burk & McFetridge.

This bird���s-eye view of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was drawn and published by Burk & McFetridge in 1888. Philadelphia prospered with its river port location becoming a major trade and industrial center. The port had a convenient supply of iron ore and an abundance of coal that led Philadelphia to become one of the largest producers and transporters of iron in the nation. This busy port was a major railroad hub in the 1800's with the transportation method being first introduced to the community in the 1820's. Philadelphia was served by several railroads that all converged here. Philadelphia was a great tourist destination because of its history and manufacturing center which employed thousands in 1888.

The map from 1888 includes streets, buildings, bridges, piers and railroad routes.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

Penna. R. R. Directory of Terminals in Philadelphia:

  1. Broad St. Station, Passenger, Broad and Market Sts.
  2. 16th St. Station, Freight, 16th and Market Sts.
  3. Merchants Warehouse Co., Flour, 18th and Market Sts.
  4. Grain Depot and Freight Station, 30th and Market Sts.
  5. Merchants Warehouse Co., Hay and Straw, 32nd and Market Sts.
  6. Stock Yards, 30th and Hamilton Sts.
6a. Powelton Ave., Passenger, 31st and Powelton Ave.
  7. Freight Station, Freight, 31st and Chestnut Sts.
  8. Mantua Transfer Station, Freight, 49th and Columbia Ave.
8a. 40th St. Station, Passenger, 40th and P. R. R.
  9. Elm Avenue Station, Freight, 44th and Belmont Ave.
9a. Girard Ave. Station, Passenger, Girard Ave., Belmont Ave. and P. R. R.
10. Hestonville or 52nd St. Station, Freight and Passenger, 52nd and P. R. R.
11. Engleside Station, Freight, 32nd and Jefferson Sts.
12. Ridge Ave. Station, Passenger, 29th and Ridge Ave.
13. Germantown Junction Station, Freight and Passenger.
14. North Penn. Junction Station, Freight and Passenger.
15. Frankford Junction Station, Freight and Passenger.
16. Franford Station, Freight and Passenger.
17. Kensington Station, Freight and Passenger, Front and Norris Sts.
18. Trenton Ave. and Somerset St. Station, Freight, Trenton Ave. and Somerset St.
19. Shackamaxon Station, Freight, Beach and Laurel Sts.
20. Vine St. Station, Freight and Passenger, Delaware Ave. and Vine St.
21. Dock St. Station, Freight, Delaware Ave. and Walnut St.
22. Walnut St. Wharf Station, Freight, Delaware Ave. and Walnut St.
23. Grain Elevator ���C���, Grain, Washington Ave. Wharf, Delaware River.
24. Washington Ave., Wharf, Freight, also American & International S. S. Lines, Washington Ave. Wharf, Delaware River.
25. Federal St. Station, Freight, Front and Federal Sts.
26. Reed St. Station, Freight, Front and Reed Sts.
27. Greenwich Point, Coal Piers.
28. Girard Point, Grain Elevators A and B.
29. Hamburg Station, Freight.
30. Freight Station, Freight, Broad and Washington Ave.
31. Freight Station, Arsenal, Freight, 26th and Washington Ave.
32. Gray���s Ferry Station, Freight and Passenger.
33. 58th St. Station, Passenger, 58th and P. W. & B. R. R.
34. Mt. Moriah Station, Passenger, 62nd and P. W. & B. R. R.
35. Bonaffon Station, Passenger, 68th and P. W. & B. R. R.
36. Paschall Station, Freight and Passenger, 72nd and P. W. & B. R. R.
37. Angora Station, Freight and Passenger, Baltimore Pike and Gray���s Lane, W. C. & P. R. R.
38. Westmoreland Station, Passenger, 22nd and Westmoreland St.
39. Queen Lane Station, Passenger.
40. Germantown Station, Chelton Ave., Freight and Passenger, Germantown, PA.
41. Tulpehocken Station, Passenger.
42. Upsal Station, Passenger.
43. Carpenter Station, Freight and Passenger.
44. Allen Lane Station, Passenger.
45. Wissahickon Station, Freight and Passenger.
46. Highland Station, Passenger.
47. Chestnut Hill Station, Freight and Passenger.
48. Park Station, Passenger.
49. Bala Station, Freight and Passenger.
50. West Laurel Hill Station, Passenger.
51. Manayunk Station, Freight and Passenger.
52. General Offices, 233 South 4th St.

Phila. & Reading R. R. Directory of Terminals in Philadelphia:

  1. Willow St. Wharf (Junction Bethlehem Br. And Main Line), Freight.
  2. Broad St. Station, Passenger and Freight, Broad and Callowhill Sts.
  3. 16th and Pennsylvania Ave.
  4. Girard Ave., Passenger.
  5. Belmont Station, Passenger and Freight.
  6. West Falls Station, Passenger, Falls of the Schuylkill.
  7. Pencoyd Station, Passenger.
  8. West Manayunk Station, Passenger and Freight.
  9. 9th and Green Station, Passenger.
10. 9th and Master Sts. Station, Freight.
11. Columbia Ave. Station, Passenger, 9th and Columbia Ave.
12. 10th and Berks Sts. Station, Freight.
13. Huntingdon St. Station, Passenger.
14. 16th St. Station, Passenger and Freight, 16th and Cambria Sts. (Junction Germantown and Chestnut Hill Br. With Norristown Br.
15. 22nd St. Station, Passenger, 22nd and Allegheny Ave.
16. Bellevue (Junction Richmond Br. And Norristown Br.), Passenger.
17. Falls Station, Passenger, Falls of the Schuylkill.
18. School Lane Station, Passenger.
19. Wissahicken Station, Passenger and Freight.
20. Shur���s Station, Passenger.
21. Manayunk Station, Passenger and Freight.
22. Tioga Station, Passenger, 19th and Tioga Sts.
23. Nicetown Station, Passenger.
24. Wayne Junction, Passenger and Freight Junction Tabor and Richmond Branches with Germantown and Chestnut Hill Br.).
25. Fisher���s Lane Station, Passenger.
26. Wister Station, Passenger.
27. Wingohocking Station, Passenger.
28. Germantown, Chelton Ave. Station, Passenger and Freight.
29. Germantown, Main St. Station, Passenger.
30. Walnut Lane Station, Passenger.
31. Gorgas Station, Passenger.
32. Mount Pleasant Station, Passenger and Freight.
33. Mount Airy Station, Passenger.
34. Mermaid Ave. Station, Passenger.
35. Wyndmoor Station, Passenger.
36. Graver���s Lane Station, Passenger.
37. Chestnut Hill Station, Passenger and Freight.
38. Logan Station, Passenger.
39. Noble St. Station, Freight, Front and Noble Sts.
40. 2nd and Berks Sts. Station, Freight.
41. 3rd and Berks Sts. Station, Passenger.
42. Lehigh Ave. Station, Passenger and Freight.
43. Fairhill Junction Station, Freight (Junction Richmond Br. And North Penn. R. R.).
44. Erie Ave. Station, Passenger and Freight Junction P. N. & N. Y. R. R. and North Penn. R. R.).
45. Drove Yard Station, Passenger and Freight.
46. Lindley Station, Passenger.
47. Greenmount Station, Passenger.
48. Port Richmond Station, Freight (Int. River Front R. R., Junction by float for P. & A. C. R. R. and C. & A. R. R. and W. J. R. R.).
49. Richmond Junction, Freight (Int. N. Y. Div. Penna. R. R.).
50. Gray���s Ferry Station, Freight (Junction P. W. & B. R. R., Junction R. R., and Chester Br. P. & R. R. R.).
51. Eastwick Station, Passenger.
52. Gibson���s Point Station, Passenger.
53. Bell Road Station, Passenger.
54. Master St. Station, Freight, 2nd and Masters Sts.
55. Park Junction Station, Passenger (Junction Main Line and S. R. E. S. R. R.).
56. Cumberland St. Station, Freight, Richmond and Cumberland Sts.
57. Hamilton St. Station, Freight, 20th and Hamilton Sts.
58. Girard Ave. Central, Passenger and Freight. 9th and Girard Ave.
59. General Offices, 227 South 4th St.

B. & O. R. R. Directory of Terminals in Philadelphia:

  1. Park Junction, Freight and Passenger.
  2. Callowhill Street, Freight Yard.
  3. Race St., Freight Depot.
  4. Arch St., Freight Yard.
  5. Chestnut St., Passenger Depot.
  6. Locust St., Freight Yard.
  7. Spruce St., Freight Yard.
  8. Bainbridge St., Freight Yard.
  9. Christian St., Freight Yard.
10. Stock Yard.
11. Dickinson St., Freight Transfer.
12. Porter St., Freight Ferry Transfer.
13. Wolf St., Philadelphia Refinery.
14. Twenty-eighth St., Freight Yard.
15. Fifty-eighth St., Freight Yard.
16. Sixtieth St., Freight and Passenger Depot.
17. Seventieth St., Freight and Passenger Depot.
18. North Delaware Ave., Pier No. 40, near Laurel St., Freight Depot.
19. North Delaware Ave., Piers No. 11, 11 �� and 12, Race St., Freight Depot.
20. South Delaware Ave., foot Pine St., Freight Wharf.
21. South Delaware Ave., Piers No. 24 and 25, Lombard St., Freight Depot.
22. South Delaware Ave., Piers No. 62 and 63, Dickinson St., Freight Depot.
23. South Delaware Ave., Snyder Ave., Coal Piers.


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