Historic Map - Philadelphia, PA - 1908

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View of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, P.A., 1908 / drawn & published by W. T. Littig & Co.

This bird’s-eye view print of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was drawn and published by W. T. Littig & Co. in 1908. The town booster made in 1908 for the Executive Committee of Founders Week states:

"The Philadelphia of today, the world’s greatest workshop: America’s largest home city with more home owners than any other city in the world.
Philadelphia was founded as a city in 1683.
Philadelphia is the City which gave birth to the Bill of Rights.
Philadelphia is the home of the Declaration of Independence.
Philadelphia is the birthplace of the Constitution of the United States.
Philadelphia was the home of the first United States Mint.
Philadelphia was the home of the first United States Post-office.
Philadelphia has always been the financial rallying point of the Republic- in the war of Independence Robert Morris financed the army, in the war of 1812 Stephen Girard replenished an empty treasury, in the Mexican War E. W. Clark successfully financed the Government, and in the Civil War Jay Cook raised the money necessary to keep armies in the field.
Philadelphia contains 342,000 buildings, of which 310,000 are dwellings, 85% of these dwellings are occupied by only one family and 20% have been built within the past ten years.
Philadelphia has thirty miles of available river front, lying between two great rivers, with a thirty-foot channel to the sea.
Philadelphia has 650 miles of Electric Tramways, including Elevated, Surface and Subway Lines.
Philadelphia is the greatest workshop of the world, because she has the largest body of skilled labor ever gathered together in one city; is situated within a few hours’ railway haul of the greatest coal fields in the world, with a down grade from mines to factory, and is the distributing point for the trade of 25 million people.
Philadelphia has a fine port with extensive coastal and trans-atlantic steamship facilities and three great systems of trunk line railways connecting her with every part of the Republic.
Philadelphia has 1,400 associations devoted to the relief of suffering.
Philadelphia has the largest and most heavily endowed institution in the world for the care of orphans, Girard College, caring for 1,510 boys, utilizing 17 large marble buildings standing on a tract of 40 acres in the heart of the City and having an income producing endowment in excess of 25 million dollars.
Philadelphia’s two great Universities have a student enrollment in excess of 8,000, while her public and parochial schools furnish educational facilities for more than 250,000 children. Philadelphia is the great Medical educational center of the United States, with six Medical Colleges of international reputation.
Philadelphia has 846 churches; 334 hospitals and asylums.
Philadelphia has 311 public schools.
Philadelphia has 57 Parks and Squares, one of them being the largest park in the world, containing over 3,400 acres.
Philadelphia has 1,800 miles of graded and paved streets.
Philadelphia has the finest high pressure fire service in the world, drawing water direst from Delaware River with 20-inch distributing main supplying 12 and 16-inch mains into business district; its special pumping plant, which can be put in instant operation, has capacity of 10,000 gallons a minute, with power to throw a 2-inch stream 230 feet vertical; this service now being installed by other cities.
Philadelphia has 1,558 miles of water main in use. If placed in a straight line they would reach from Philadelphia to Havana, Cuba.
Philadelphia with only one-sixtieth of the population of the Republic produces one-twentieth of all its manufactures.
Philadelphia’s new filter plant, costing $25,000,000 is the finest and most economically constructed in the world. It has 65 filters, each three-quarter acre in extent, with a daily capacity of 240 million gallons of water; total capacity of 304 million gallons.
Philadelphia has 16,000 manufacturing plants, employing 250,000 skilled laborers, each year consuming $400,000,000 of raw material and producing $700,000,000 of manufactures.
Philadelphia leads every city in the Republic in the value of its manufactures of locomotives, carpets and rugs, leather, hosiery and knit goods, woolen goods, street railway cars, iron and steel ship-building, felt hats, saws, upholstery goods and oilcloth.
Philadelphia stands second in the production of foundry and machine shop products, sugar and molasses refining, petroleum refining, worsted goods, chemicals, druggists’ preparations, dyeing and finishing textiles, cordage and twine and fertilizers
Philadelphia has been a ship-building center for a century and a quarter- today a greater tonnage of steel ships is built on the Delaware River than in all the rest of the Republic combined.
Philadelphia manufactures 8 locomotives every working day, or 2,663 in the year. These locomotives on a perfectly level track would haul 168,000 loaded cars of 50 tons capacity.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 45,000,000 yards of carpet, enough to put a belt around the earth and leave a remnant long enough to reach Cincinnati.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 34,000,000 yards of worsted goods, enough to make a suit of clothes for every man over 19 years of age now resident in the New England and Middle Atlantic States.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 12,000,000 dozen hose and half hose, enough to allow 2 pairs for every man, woman and child in the United States.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 2,000,000 dozen underwear, enough to give 2 shirts and drawers to every one in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 4,800,000 hats. The bands, end on end, would reach from Philadelphia to Denver.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 180,000,000 yards of cotton piece goods, enough to make a pair of sheets for every family in the United States.
Philadelphia manufactures each year 28,000,000 yards of woolen goods, enough to make uniforms for all the armies of Europe now in active service.
Philadelphia has 105 National Banks, Trust Companies and Saving Funds with total capital and surplus of 170 million dollars and deposits of 587 million dollars.
Philadelphia has 1,000 business firms and corporations engaged in the wholesale trade.
Philadelphia has an export and import trade of 175 million dollars annually.
Philadelphia in the past 52 years has borrowed 136 million dollars; has paid off 73 million of this debt, and now, with only 63 million dollars outstanding, owns property valued at more than 277 million dollars.
Philadelphia’s assessed realty values have increased 160 million dollars in the past five years, during which period the city has built more than 30 thousand dwellings.
Philadelphia has 600 Building Societies, with $58,000,000 of assets."

The map from 1908 includes streets, buildings, piers, bridges and railroad lines.


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