Historic Map - Rockford, IL - 1891

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View of Rockford, Winnebago County, I.L., 1891.

This perspective print of Rockford, Illinois was drawn and published in 1891. Rockford was a leading furniture manufacturing town in the 1890's. Many of the factories operated as co-operatives producing fine furniture influenced by the Swedish immigrant craftsmen of Rockford.

The map includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. Railroad companies and their logos appearing include Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, Chicago & Northwestern Railway and Illinois Central Railroad. There are border illustrations of the following:

• Emerson, Talcott & Co. Standard Agricultural Works.
• Rockford Desk and Furniture Co. Wholesale Manufacturers of Side-Boards, Chiffoniers, Library-Cases, Secretaries, Extension-Tables, etc.
• Forest City Furniture Company. Wholesale Manufacturers.
• Hess and Hopkins Leather Co. Tanners. Fine Harness Leather a Specialty.
• Skandia Shoe Manufacturing Co. Fine Footwear.
• Skandia Plow Company.
• Rockford Standard Furniture Co. Wholesale Manufacturers.
• Skandia Furniture Company. Wholesale Manufacturers.
• Rockford Watch Company.
• Residence of B. A. Knight.



D. H. Ferguson & Co. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office, Second National Bank Building.
Holland, Ferguson & Co., Inc. Real Estate and Loan Agents, Abstractors of Titles and Conveyances.
Robert H. Boss. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 323 East State St.
E. M. Reville. Real Estate.
Halsted & Haven. Real Estate, Sole Agents for Horlam Park and North End Property.
S. F. & G. F. Penfield. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, Conveyancing Notaries Public.
Manufacturers & Merchants Mutual Insurance Co. of Rockford, Ill. H. W. Price, President. J. G. Chick, Vice-President. Geo. S. Roper, Secretary. W. H. McCutchan, Treasurer. Assets $289,219.92.
B. A. Knight, Attorney at Law.
Fred. G. Shoudy, Wholesale Grocer. 115,117,119 North Water St.


The Peoples Bank of Rockford. Capital $125,000. Undivided Profits net $42,000. A. B. Forbes, President. W. H. McCutchan, Cashier. Cor. State and Wyman Sts.
Second National Bank. Capital $200,000.00. Surplus and Undivided Profits $87,000.00. G. A. Sanford, President. E. L. Woodruff, Vice-President. Geo. E. King, Cashier. Geo. L. Woodruff, Asst. Cashier.
Rockford National Bank. Capital $10,000,000. Surplus $7,000,000. Gilbert Woodruff, President. Wm. F. Woodruff, Cashier.
The Winnebago National Bank. Capital and Undivided Profits over $200,000. Safety Deposit Vault. T. D. Robertson, President. W. T. Robertson, Vice-President. C. Star, Cashier.
Manufacturers National Bank. Capital $125,000. C. O. Upton, President. Anthony Haines, Vice-President. Aug. P. Floberg, Cashier. Chas. E. Herrisk, Asst. Cashier.
Third National Bank. Capital $80,000. Undivided Profits $50,000. A. C. Spafford, President. L. A. Trowbridge, Cashier.


Skandia Plow Company. Manufacturers of Agricultural Implements.
Rockford Overalls Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Jackets, etc. Office and Factory, 640 South Main St.
Blakeman & Dobson Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Screen Wire Doors, Sash, Doors and Blinds. The Favorite Churn.
Rockford Mitten & Hosiery Co. Wm. Ziock, President.
Nelson Knitting Company. A. S. Ruhl, Secretary and Treasurer.
Graham’s Cotton Mills. Manufacturers of Carpet, Warps, Twines, Cotton Batting, etc.
Graham’s Paper Mills. 702 to 706 South Main St.
Graham’s Distillery. Distillers of Sour Mash Whiskies.
Rockford Co-Operative Furniture Co. Manufacturers of Side Boards, Desks, Ladies Cabinets, Combination Library Cases, Pillar Tables, etc. P. A. Peterson, President. C. A. Holt, Secretary.
Rockford Standard Furniture Co. Manufacturers of Library Cases, Cabinet Cases, Pillar Tables, Chamber Suits and Center Tables.
Forest City Furniture Co. Wholesale Manufacturers.
Excelsior Furniture Co. Manufacturers of Parlor Furniture. A. J. Anderson, Secretary and Treasurer.
G. A. Shoudy Soap Co. Manufacturers of Laundry and Toilet Soaps.
T. J. Derwent. Manufacturer of Sash, Doors and Blinds. Southeast cor. Water Power.
Ward Pump Co. Manufacturers of Iron Pumps and Cylinders. Frank Ward, President. Frank Lane, Secretary.
Skandia Furniture Co.
Hess & Hopkins Leather Co. Tanners of Harness Leathers.
W. F. & John Barnes Co. Manufacturers of Foot and Steam Power, Iron and Wood Working Machines.
Rockford Desk and Furniture Co.
Rockford Cabinet Co.
Rockford Plow Co.
Trahern Pump Co.
Utter Manufacturing Co.
Central Furniture Co.
Rockford Chair and Furniture Co.
Union Furniture Co.
J. G. Chick Milling Co.
Sturtevant Milling Co.
Rockford Oat Meal Co.
Rockford Paint Manufacturing Co.
Rockford Silver Plate Co.
John F. Andrews, Soap Manufacturer.
Rockford Coffee and Spice Mills.
Emerson, Talcott & Co. Manufacturers of Agricultural Implements.
Rockford Manufacturing Co.
Peter Sames, Manufacturer of Plows.
Air Brush Manufacturing Co.
Rockford Bolt Works.
Rockford Clothing Co.
Rockford Electric Manufacturing Co.
Novelty Works. Love & Bristow.
Rockford Brass Works.
Rockford Shoe Co.
Skandia Shoe Manufacturing Co.
Rockford Chemical Co.
Rockford Tack Factory.
Rockford Watch Co.
Van Wie Stove Co.
Star Furniture Co.
Phoenix Furniture Co.


Rockford Daily Gazette.
Rockford Daily Register.
Rockford Daily Morning Star.
Rockford Daily Republican.


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