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Rutherford, New Jersey 1904.

Reproduction panoramic map of Rutherford, New Jersey drawn and published by T. J. Hughes in 1904. Rutherford's Union Club was formed in 1892 as an alcohol and gambling-free resort that was suitable enough to attract members and their families to enjoy its facilities. The club's appointed committees arranged stage performances, billiard, pool and bowling tournaments, dances, receptions and card parties. In this account from Mrs. Margaret G. Riggs, president of Rutherford's Women's Reading Club from Things Old and New from Rutherford, she examines conditions in Rutherford six years before this map's publishing

The Borough of Rutherford is situated in the most southerly part of Bergen County, and is bounded by the Erie Railroad on the north, Union Township on the south, by the Hackensack River a very short stretch on the east and by the Passaic River on the west. Its area is something less than two square miles, of which about three-quarters consists of upland, somewhat rolling in surface, and the elevation of which is one hundred and twenty-five feet above tide. The remaining quarter consists of salt marshes, popularly known as "The Meadows."

Population at the last census was five thousand. Public school children to the number of between eight and nine hundred, with twenty-four teachers, are accommodated in three large school buildings situated in different parts of the Borough. The business portion of Rutherford village stands very near the Erie Depot, and consists of a goodly number of shops and stores and business places of various kinds, from which most of the necessities of life may be well supplied. The only marked deficiency is in the sale of intoxicating liquors as beverages; which has never yet been authorized in the Borough of Rutherford. The churches and dwellings are scattered through the Borough at no great distance from the station.

Twelve miles of water mains, carrying an abundance of pure water to every house, take the place of the troublesome cisterns which a few years ago were the only source from which pure water could be obtained, and numberless lines and burners of gas and electricity at first eclipsed and since have nearly banished the once so popular kerosene. All the old inconveniences of life that tried the souls of men and women are done away with. We pride and plume ourselves on our superior manner of life and our finer culture, of which it is both cause and result, but are we better or happier or wiser than the forefathers and foremothers who lived so straightly, enduring what to us would be such hardships and privations, and yet accomplishing such noble work? Who shall tell?

The map from 1904 includes Rutherford's streets, buildings and railroad line. It features inset illustrations of the following:

  • City Hall.
  • Public Library.
  • Rice Hardware Company
  • Episcopal Church.
  • Presbyterian Church.
  • High School.
  • Methodist Church.
  • Baptist Church.
  • Rutherford Station, Erie R. R.
  • Union Club.
  • Julius Roehrs, Florist. Exotic Nurseries.
  • Geo. B. Holman, Upholsterer and Decorator.
  • S. C. Tallman, Plumbing and Heating.
  • Theo. Muehling, Cigar Mfr. & Dealer.
  • Chas. H. Brink, Plumbing, Heating, Etc.
  • The Zahn & Bowly Co., Mfrs. Of Beveled Plate Mirrors.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  • 1. City Hall.
  • 2. Post Office.
  • 3. Erie R. R. Station.
  • 4. Fire Dept. Buildings.
  • 5. Public Schools.
  • 6. Union Club.
  • 7. Public Library.
  • 8. Presbyterian Church.
  • 9. Episcopal Church.
  • 10. Methodist Church.
  • 11. Baptist Church.
  • 12. Unitarian Church.
  • 13. Emmanuel Chapel.
  • 14. Bell, John M., Counsellor at Law, Shafer Bldg.
  • 15. Bergen Pharmacia Co., Dispensing Chemists.
  • 16. Bobbink & Atkins, Nurseries, Florists.
  • 17. Brink, Chas. H., Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
  • 18. Brunner, F., Jeweler and Optician, 60 Park Avenue.
  • 19. Brown, Duvall B., Real Estate and Insurance, 7 Depot Square.
  • 20. Collins, C., Undertaker and Embalmer, 42 Park Avenue.
  • 21. Collins, John T., Undertaker.
  • 22. Conkling, Cook, Attorney at Law.
  • 23. Cooper, J. P. & Co., Rutherford Lumber Yard.
  • 24. Daniel, Thomas, Real Estate and Building, 69 West Passaic Ave., cor. Mortimer Ave.
  • 25. Decker, Johnson, Fancy Groceries, cor. Park and Ames Avenue.
  • 26. Ditter, J., Baker, 42 Park Avenue.
  • 27. Ely, Addison, Attorney at Law.
  • 28. Erie Hotel, Joseph Ober, Proprietor, East Rutherford.
  • 29. Garraway, Geo. C., Fine Stationery and Photo Supplies, 10 Park Avenue.
  • 30. Guarantee Shoe Store, P. M. Jacobs, Proprietor, cor. Park and Union Avenues.
  • 31. Hagerman. John, Horse Shoer, 30 Glen Road.
  • 32. Hillside Cemetery.
  • 33. Holland, Robert J., Lawyer, Nat. Bank Bldg.
  • 34. Holman, Geo. B., Upholsterer and Decorator, 151 and 153 Park Avenue.
  • 35. Howard, C. H., Contractor, 282 Union Avenue.
  • 36. Joralemon, Jesse P., Coal and Ice, Wholesale and Retail, 20 Park Avenue.
  • 37. Kern, E., Meat Market.
  • 38. Keystone Printing Co., Job Printers, 8 Orient Way.
  • 39. Muehling, Theo., Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fine Cigars.
  • 40. Muller & Bennetzen, Tailors, Park Avenue.
  • 41. Nadler, August, Florist, 16 Woodward Ave.
  • 41A. Res. Of Fred. C. Ogden, 150 Sylvan Avenue.
  • 42. Park House Cafe, A. C. Van Roden, Proprietor, East Rutherford.
  • 43. Roehrs, Julius, Green Houses; Exotic Nurseries.
  • 44. Rutherford Cash Market, Samuel Dressler, Proprietor.
  • 45. Rutherford Steam Laundry, W. P. Stevens, Proprietor.
  • 46. Rusk, H. R., Builder, 71 Park Avenue.
  • 47. Shafer & Conkling, Lawyers.
  • 48. Smith, L. O., Livery Stable.
  • 49. Soley, C. R., Co., Mill Work.
  • 50. Standard Investment Co., Manufacturers of Ruckstuhl Pianos.
  • 51. Sprague, A., Hat, Grain, etc.; Poultry Supplies, 28 Union Avenue.
  • 52. Tallman, Saml. C., Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
  • 53. The Rutherford Heights Association, H. G. Bell, Treas.
  • 54. The Palace Confectionery Store, H. D. Pappas, Proprietor, 58 Park Avenue.
  • 55. The Williams & Andress Co, Coal, Wood, Hay, Straw, etc.
  • 56. The Zahn & Bowley Co., Manufacturers of Beveled Plate Mirrors.
  • 57. Van Buskirk, P. E., Civil Engineer and Surveyor, 90 Park Avenue.
  • 58. Van Winkle & Co., Real Estate and Insurance.
  • 59. Watson, A. L. & Co., Real Estate and Insurance.
  • 60. Willis, Jas. Jr., Kindling Wood, 149 Meadow Road.
  • 61. Wood, Dr. Fred. F., Dentist.
  • 62. Zahn, E. L., Delicatessen, 2 Union Avenue.


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