Historic Map - Selma, AL - 1887

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Perspective map of Selma, Ala. county seat of Dallas County 1887. Drawn by H. Wellge. Beck & Pauli Lith. Co.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map of Selma, Alabama drawn and published by Henry Wellge & Co. in 1887. Selma was incorporated in 1820 along the banks of the Alabama River in the area said to be the meeting point between Chief Tuskaloosa and explorer Hernando de Soto. During the American Civil War, Selma was an important manufacturer of warships and munitions for southern troops. This made the town a constant target for Union raids. Eventually Selma would fall into northern hands with the "Battle of Selma", and would be looted and burned. Its naval foundry and arsenal was destroyed. St. Paul's Episcopal Church was burned to the ground, but was rebuilt by 1871. In 1866 Selma was made county seat of Dallas County.

The map features inset illustrations of:

Commercial Bank of Selma
Selma Furniture Co., A. D. Bloch, Proprietor
Benjamin J. Schuster Hardware Store
Old Hickory Wagon Co.
City National Bank
Oberndorf & Ullman Dry Goods
South Side of Broad Street
South Side of Water Street
Selma's Transportation Facilities and Routes

The map includes clearly labeled street names showing railroad, riverboat and carriage traffic.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

 A. Dallas County Court House
 B. City Hall
 C. Post Office
 D. First Presbyterian Church
 E. Cumberland Presbyterian Church
 F. Methodist Church
 G. Baptist Church
 H. Episcopal Church
  I. Alabama Street Presbyterian Church
 J. Christian Church
 K. East Selma Methodist Church
 L. East Selma Baptist Church
 M. Catholic Church
 N. Synagogue
 O. Colored Churches
 P. Knox Academy Colored School
 Q. Burril Academy Colored School
 R. Public School
 S. Colored School
 T. County Jail

  1. Moore & Kennedy, Wholesale Grocers
  2. Gary & Raymond, Wholesale Grocers
  3. E. D. Bowles & Co., Real Estate and Insurance
  4. Geo. O. Baker, Real Estate and Insurance
  5. City National Bank
  6. Franklin & Co., Insurance Agents
  7. W. O. Sink, Fire Insurance
  8. Selma Water Company
  9. Union Iron Works Co.
10. W. A. Butler, Lumber Dealer
11. Commercial Bank of Selma
12. H. H. Stewart & Co., Merchandise Brokers
13. Minthorn Woolsey, Cotton Factory
14. M. Canning & Son, Wagon and Carriage Factory
15. Boggs & Cary, Real Estate
16. J. K. Goodwin, Hardware and Crockery
17. B. H. Craig, Register in Chancery
18. I. L. Schweitzer, Diamonds, Watches & Jewelry
19. S. Maas & Co., Wholesale Grocers
20. M. J. Meyer, Livery Stable
21. Rosenberg & Co., Wholesale Saddlery & Leather
22. Shivers & Wise, Rice & Grits Mill and Ginnery
23. Selma Gas and Electric Light Company
24. J. A. Vogel, Central City Cigar Co.
25. Ben. J. Schuster, Hardware
26. Selma Furniture Co.
27. A. D. Bloch, Carriages, Wagons, Buggies & Harness
28. Greil & Kohn, General Merchandise
29. Oldcorn & Trimby, Installment House
30. E. H. Hobbs, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry
31. L. A. Mueller, Crockery and Toys
32. R. S. Wetmere, Books, Stationery and Frames
33. Oberndorf & Ullman, Dry Goods
34. Enterprise Ice Company
35. C. L. Howard, Commission Broker
36. Commercial Hotel, H. T. Applewhite, Proprietor