Historic Map - Shelton, CT - 1919

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Aero view of Shelton, Connecticut 1919.

Historic bird's-eye view map print reproduction of Shelton, CT, published by Hughes & Bailey in 1919. The borough of Shelton, located in the Naugatuck Valley, was incorporated as a city in 1915 and consolidated with the town of Huntington in 1919 to create the City of Shelton. The town was named after Edward N. Shelton who had organized the building of a dam on the Housatonic River and formed the Housatonic Water Power Company.

Illustrations of notable buildings featured beneath the map include:

Shelton Bank & Trust Co.
Robert N. Bassett Co., Inc.
The Adams Manufacturing Co.
The Shelton Tool & Machine Co., Inc.
The Howard & Barber Co., Inc. Derby
Sidney Blumenthal & Co., Inc.
Huntington Piano Co.
Whitcomb Metallic Bedstead Co.
The New Writerpress Co.
The Naugatuck Valley Crucible Co.
The D. N. Clark Co.
Residence of J. H. Whittemore
The Star Pin Co.
Holmes Manufacturing Co., Inc.
D. M. Bassett Bolt Works
Wheeler-Schneider Coal Co.
The O. K. Tool Co.
The Shelton Laundry
Sheehy Trucking Co.
University Race Course, Housatonic River, near Shelton 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Adams Manufacturing Co., The. Cotton Goods, 185 Canal St.
      Allen, E. R. Coach, Livery and Boarding Stable, 517 Howe Ave.
      American Rubber Products Co. Factory Supervisor, Christ Miller, 255 Canal St.
  2. Apothecaries Hall. E. J. Barden, Proprietor, 482 Howe Ave.
  3. Bassett, Robert N. Co., Inc. Brass, Steel and Wire Specialties, F. A. Russ, Pres.and Treas., S. J. Leonard, Vice Pres., D. W. Northrup, Secy., 9 Bridge St.
  4. Bassett, Sharon, Norway Iron Bolt Works. Est. 1838, Inc. 1904, Mfrs. of Eagle Carriage Bolts and Special Bolts of all kinds, 167 Canal St.
      Beard, B. N. Company, The. General Contractors, Real Estate and Insurance, cor. Howe Ave. and Bridge St.
      Black, J. Eugene. Physician, 40 White St.
  5. Blumenthal, Sidney & Co., Inc. Owners and Operators of "The Shelton Looms", Mfr's of pile fabrics, 237-71 Howe Ave.
      Board of Education. Perry School Bldg., 384 Howe Ave.
      Briggs, C. B. Res. 148 Prospect Ave.
      Chirgwin, Thomas. Painter and Paper Hanger, 264 Howe Ave.
  6. Clark, The D. N. Company. Est. 1882, Inc. 1918, Hardware, Builders, Machinists, Masons and Mill Supplies, 475-479 Howe Ave.
  7. Connecticut Coat and Cover Co. Wm. Day Prop., Mfrs. Coats, Covers and Aprons, Hill St. and Howe Ave.
  8. Cook, R. C. Groceries and Meats, 61-63 Howe Ave.
      Derby Manufacturing Co. 114 Canal St.
      Driscoll Wire Co. 283 Canal St.
      Durrschmidt, Max A. General Contractor, Res. Long Hill Ave., Office 100 Main St., Derby
      Glover, John. Carpenter and Builder, 73 Hill St.
      The Howard & Barber Co., Inc. Dry Goods, Carpets, Furniture, etc., 268-270 Main St., Derby
11. Holmes Manufacturing Co., Inc., The. Mfrs. all kinds of Punch, Die, Jig and Fixture Work, Coram Ave. and Myrtle St.
12. Huntington Piano Co. J. W. Brooks, Secy., 415-23 Howe Ave.
13. Howe Avenue Garage. Everything for the automobile, "We Guarantee Our Service", J. Carney, Mgr., 286-288 Howe Ave.
14. McGrath, Dr. Wm. J. Dentist, 500 Howe Ave.
      McKay, Est. John E. J. J. McKay, Plumbing,Heating, Tinning and Gas Fitting, Retubing Boilers, etc., 435 Howe Ave.
15. Meyer's Iron and Brass Foundry. Grey Iron Castings, 6 Wooster St.
16. Naugatuck Valley Crucible Co., The. Canal and Brook Sts.
      New Garage, The. John F. Tarantino, Prop., Auto Repairing and Storage, Auto Accessories, Howe Ave.
17. O. K. Tool Co., The. 33 Hull Ave.
18. Housatonic Water Power Co., The. 293 Main Brinsmade, Treas., 293 Main St., Derby
      Plumb Memorial Library. Jessamine Ward, Librarian, 65 Wooster St.
      Plunkett, Rev. Andrew J. Pastor St. Joseph's Church, 420 Coram Ave.
      Quadretti, Michael. Jeweler, 418 Howe Ave.
      Ritchie, Ebenezer. Builder, 15 Brewster Lane
19. Sheehy Trucking Company. Contracting General trucking and Furniture Moving, Daily Truck service between New Haven, Ansonia, Derby, Shelton and New York, Office and Warehouse, 65 Perry Ave.
20. Shelton Bank and Trust Co. 487 Howe Ave.
21. Shelton Garage. J. N. Sinsabaugh, Prop. Cadillac and Nash Automobiles, cor. Center St. and Coram Ave.
22. Shelton, Dr. Gould A. Physician, 40 White St.
23. Shelton Laundry. 549 Howe Ave.
      Shelton Lumber Co. Hull and Wharf Sts.
24. Shelton Tool and Machine Co., Inc. Punch, Die, Jig and Fixture Work, 235-45 Canal St.
      Shelton Vulcanizing Shop. John Tulip, Prop., Guaranteed Tire Repairing, New Tires and Tubes at lowest prices, Automobiles for Hire, 346 Howe Ave.
      Smith, Frank J. Mason Contractor and Builder, 32 Perry Ave.
25. Star Pin Company, The. Pin Manufacturers, Established 1866, Geo. E. Barber, Pres. and Treas., Chas. H. Nettleton, Vice Pres., Edw. E. Gardner, Secy. and Asst. Treas., 273 Canal St.

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