Historic Map - Collinsville, CT - 1878

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View of Collinsville, Conn. O. H. Bailey & Co. Publishers, Boston.

An 1878 birds-eye view of Collinsville, CT, a charming New England factory town that is in the southwestern part of Canton. The map was published by the famous O. H. Bailey Co. of Boston. The Collins Company buildings are shown along the banks of the Farmington River, which supplied its power, as well as the maze of sluices that the company used for their many industrial needs. The Collins Company became the largest manufacturer of axes in the 19th century, supplying edge tools to customers throughout the world. Many of the houses and businesses shown on the map were owned by the Collins Company. About 26 of the original factory buildings remain today, retaining their historical charm. Today, one of these buildings, at 11 Front Street, houses the Canton Historical Museum.

The references on the map are numbered and located on the map. Inset illustrations include:

The Collins Company Office Building
The Valley House
Smith's Block
Residence of Samuel N. Codding

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

108. Depot of the N. H. & H. R. R.

109. Depot of the Conn. Western R. R.

        Post Office in No. 70

110. Public School

111. Congregational Church

112. Methodist Church

113. Trinity Church

114. St. Patrick's R. C. Church

        H. S. Collins Bank in No. 70

        Collinsville Savings Bank in No. 70

115. F. J. Smith's Block, Druggist

        Walter J. Soudant, General Merchandise, in No. 90

        Pfister & Haury General Merchandise, in No. 115

        Harrington & Hart, General Merchandise in No. 115

116. A. W. Hotchkiss, General Merchandise

117. E. A. Hough, Drugs, Musical Instruments, & C.

        F. H. Thayer, Musical Instruments & c., in No. 90

        Albert Williams, Flour, Grain, Coal & c., Office at 108

Buildings and Works of the Collins Company, including:

70. Office

73. Agents Residence

33 to 107. Hotel, Residences, Boarding Houses and Tenements

1, 2, 4, 6. Steel Works

3 & 5. Plow Works

7 32, 101, 105, 106. Edge Tool Works

A, B, C. Store Houses

118. A. F. Alderman, Lumber

119. O. Hugins, Undertaker & Furniture Dealer


Rodney Carr, Wagon Maker, at No. 30

        Michael Moore, Blacksmith, at No. 30

        H. N. Goodwin, Harness Maker, at No. 69

        John I. Dusham, Painter, at No. 116

120. Richard Wagner, Meat Market

        Richard M. Calhound, Livery, at No. 99

121. Henry Tabel, Restaurant

        W. W. Perry, Attorney, Office in No. 115

122. W. W. Bidwell, Attorney, Office in No. 115

123. Residence and Office of Geo. R. Shepherd, M. D.

124. Residence and Office of Geo. F. Lewis, M. D.

125. Residence and Office of R. H. Tiffany, M. D.

126. Residence of S. N. Codding

        J. B. Flint, Dentist, Office in 117

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