Historic Map - Stillwater, NY - 1889

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Stillwater, N.Y. Drawn and published by L. R. Burleigh. Burleigh Lith. Est.

This reproduction bird's-eye view map of Stillwater, New York was published by Lucien R. Burleigh in 1889. Stillwater is a town in Saratoga County on the Hudson River. After a dam was created on the river in the 1870s several mills were established in Stillwater including a paper mill operated by Gardner Howland & Sons, a straw board mill run by D. & W. Pemble, a hosiery mill operated by Ephraim Newland and a knitting mill managed by Newland & Denison. The map shows Stillwater just before its dry dock and boat yard were added.

This panoramic map from 1889 shows buildings, railroad route, labeled streets and Champlain Canal.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. M. E. Church
  2. Episcopal Church
  3. Baptist Church
  4. Presbyterian Church
  5 Roman Catholic Church
  6. Public School
  7. Town Hall
  8. J. Sullivan, General Store
  9. Paper & Pulp Mill, P. Mosher, Prop.
10. Lumber & Coal, Sanford Neilson, Prop.
11. Saw & Planing Mill, Coal Lumber, Seeds and Cement, Stephen Wood & Sons, Props.
12. Residence and Office of John Collamer, Marble and Granite Works
13. Stillwater & Mechanicville Street Railway Car Buildings, P. Van Vechten, Manager
14. Headquarters of Gen. Gates in Revolutionary War, also first County Clerks Office
15. Meat and Vegetable Market of C. H. Kipp
16. Fowler House and Livery Stable, Wm. N. Fowler, Prop.
17. W. S. Schermerhorn, Druggist, Paints and Oils
18. John Whalen, Tobacco, Cigars and Confections
19. Lyman Smith & Co., Dry Goods and General Store
20. E. B. Hunter, Shelf and Heavy Hardware
21. "Hudson River Hosiery Mills", Denison & Co., Props.
22. "Saratoga Mills", R. & H. Newland, Knit Goods Mfrs.
23. Straw Board Mill, D. & W. Pemble, Props.
24. Paper Box Manufactory, Mrs. James B. Newland, Prop.
25. Knitting Mill, E. B. Skinner, Prop.
26. John B. Newland's Grist Mill, A. T. Pack & Co., Lessees
27. F. W. Stratton, Milk Dealer