Historic Map - Stockton, CA - 1895 - John H. Mitchell

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The city of Stockton, San Joaquin County, Cal. 1895. By John H. Mitchell.

The city of Stockton, California was founded by Charles Weber in 1849, on the San Joaquin River. Due to it's location, the town experienced rapid growth as a main supply point during the California Gold Rush. By July of 1850, the city was incorporated, and later became the county seat of San Joaquin County. This beautiful map provides a look at the early days of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Henderson & Son Carriage Factory
  2. Stockton Woolen Mills.
  3. County Jail.
  4. Public Library.
  5. Court House.
  6. The Stockton Savings & Loan Society, Fred West, Pres.
  7. Lumber Yard of P.A. Buell & Co.
  8. The Wagner Leather Co.
  9. P.A. Buell & Co. Planing Mills & Lumber Yard.
10. Stockton, Car, Machine and Agricultural Works, S.D. Woods, Sec.
11. Stockton Lumber Co., Joseph Fyfe, Manager.
12. Chas Pscherhofer, Real Estate.
13. Grangers Union, Importers and Dealers in Hardware and Farm Implements.
14. General Insurance and Real Estate, Ralph P. Lane.
15. Pacific Hospital, A. Clark & Sons, Props.
16. Stockton Gas & Electric Light Works., Henry E. Adams, Sup't.
17. A.M. Cutting & Son, Real Estate & Ins. Agents.
18. Hickinbotham Bros.
19. Sperry Flour Co's Golden Gate & Union Mills.
20. D.R. Oliver, Real Estate and Insurance.
21. W. J. Goldsworthy & Co.
22. Office of H.C. Shaw's Plow Works.
23. The Matieson & Williamson Mf'g Co., Agricutural Implements, Foundry & Machine Shops.
24. The Holt Mf'g Co., Traction Engines, Harvesters, Wheels.
25. Nelson & Grunsky, Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
26. California Wharf and Warehouse Co., Frank E. Lane Manager.
27. A.A. Dudley & Co., Real Estate Brokers.