Historical Map of Stockton, CA - 1895

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View of the city of Stockton, the Manufacturing City of California.

The city of Stockton, California was founded by Charles Weber in 1849. Due to its location on the navigable waters of the San Joaquin River, Stockton became an important supply and provision point during the California Gold Rush. By July of 1850, Stockton was incorporated, and later it became the county seat of San Joaquin County.

In 1883 Benjamin Holt and his brothers began manufacturing large cultivating machinery in Stockton as the Stockton Wheel Co. The company was later known as the Holt Manufacturing Company when, in 1904, it began producing a continuous-track plowing machine that so resembled a caterpillar, when in operation, that the name stuck. Today, the Caterpillar Tractor Co. is still one of the largest makers of farming and construction equipment in the world.

This bird’s-eye-view of Stockton was drawn and published in 1895 by the Dakin Publishing Co. It shows labeled streets, buildings, bridges and waterways. Stated along the horizon is: “The Growth of the City is Easterly”.