Historic Railroad Map of Nebraska - 1879

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Map of Nebraska showing the Union Pacific Railroad land grant.

Nebraska became the 37th state in 1867. Nebraska drew in many settlers in the 1870's and 1880's as railroads busily criss-crossed the state. Nebraska railroads were well funded during this period.

Nebraska received many of the benefits of the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The railroads had proved themselves effective during wartime efforts. By expanding railroads in the west the government expected to bolster the Union.

Following the Act, work began on a trans-continental railroad that would connect Council Bluffs, Iowa with San Francisco Bay. Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River, was a major stepping stone to several west bound trails.

The Chicago & North-Western Railroad began serving Council Bluffs from the east in 1867.

The Union Pacific joined the Central Pacific, to much fanfare, on May 10th, 1869. A special finished railroad tie made of local laurel was placed at the connection point and the final railroad spike, made of 17.6-karat gold was driven into a pre-bored hole in front of the huge crowd that had gathered there at Promontory Summit, Utah, with big locomotives belonging to the two railroads, facing one another.

This renowned trans-continental railway opened up the west.

Ogden, Utah became an important center for railroads such as the Union Pacific Railroad, the Central Pacific Railroad and the Utah Central Railroad, which linked with Brigham City, Utah.

This land grant map was published in 1879 by H.R. Parge. It shows township and county boundaries, citys, waterways, and the 1879 railroads of Nebraska.

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