Historic Railroad Map of New England - 1872

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Map showing the Sodus Point & Southern Railroad and its connections.

The Sodus Point & Southern Railroad operated from 1873 until 1875, between Sodus Point on Lake Ontario and various destinations south via its connections. The line was reorganized in 1875 as the Ontario Southern Railroad which only lasted for seven years. Following another foreclosure in 1882, it was known as the Sodus Bayand Southern Railroad.

Railroads were revolutionizing the coal industry of Pennsylvania in the 1870's. Anthracite coal discovered in Pennsylvania in the 1700's became evermore popular during and after the American Civil War.

Transportation of the ore evolved along with the railroads that it powered. Originally gravity railroads transported the ore along with regional canals. Sophisticated steam railroad systems gradually replaced the antiquated methods.

A large firebox for locomotives was developed that burned the anthracite waste.

A proposed railroad between Geneva, New York to Naples, New York was graded and ready for rail at the time of this map’s publishing, but the economic Panic of 1873 stopped construction of the route. What started out as the Geneva & Southwestern Railroad in 1871 became the Middlesex Valley Railroad, completed in 1892.

This map of the northeastern United States, published in 1872 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co., displays drainage, cities and towns, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line.

Railroad was chartered in 1852 and reorganized in 1875 with the Geneva, Hornellsville & Pine Creek Railroad. In 1882 it became the Sodus Bay & Southern Railroad.

The map features the coal fields of Pennsylvania.

Inset map is of the Great Lakes Region.

Main map includes portions of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southeastern Canada.

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