Historic Railroad Map of Rhode Island - 1875

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Indexed Map of Rhode Island showing the railroads in the State, and the express company doing business over each.

Providence boomed during the American Industrial Revolution as many new manufacturers emerged early-on to take advantage of new marketing options. Cotton goods were manufactured at Providence. Furniture was made on a large scale throughout the area. Leather makers, coppersmiths and pewterers crafted wares and, with excellent shipping ability, Providence gained a head start on other American-made manufactures. Providence was noteworthy as maintaining several fine jewelers and clockmakers during the 1870's.

Newport’s history of brushes with pirates and slave traders, as well as its prosperous years with the whaling industry, prompted many vacationing families of the 1870's to take in its splendor. Large ornate mansions and resorts began to be built around the port town during this era.

Newport’s location on Aquidneck Island offered beautiful scenery and ample boating sports. Newport could be reached by water ferry or the Old Colony Railroad in those days.

Bristol was a leading luxury and sailboat building town near Mt. Hope Bay and the Bay Islands in 1875. Nearby sailboat races were held in the bay periodically and visitors would fill the town's hotels and cottages. Bristol was then served by the Old Colony Railroad.

This map was published in 1875 by Rand, McNally & Co. It shows cities, towns, counties, lakes, rivers and islands. Railroads are clearly labeled.

City of Providence inset map is shown at the lower right.

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