Historic Railroad Map of the Midwest - 1881 Chester, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad

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Map of the Chester, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad and its connections.

This railroad map of the mid-western United States was published in 1881 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. Missouri and Illinois are prominently displayed, showing cities, towns, stations, waterways, coalfields, iron and lead mines, and the railroad network of the 1880's. It emphasizes the Chester, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad and its connections.

In the 1830's massive iron ore deposits were discovered near the head waters of the St. Francis River southwest of Chester, Missouri. Chester had a convenient ferry which crossed the Mississippi River at that time.

The Missouri Iron Company was organized in 1836. The company successfully mined iron ore from Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Mountain until 1845 when it was reorganized as the American Iron Company. The American Iron Company immediately began construction of a railroad from Pilot Knob to Iron Mountain City on the Mississippi River. A forge, known as Valley Forge, was situated at a midway point where the ore was offloaded and heated to reduce it into blooms for further transportation throughout the Mississippi Valley.

The St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway was constructed from St. Louis to Texarkana, Arkansas to transport the ore. The mountains of iron that had initially risen four hundred feet high were reduced to vast cavities, sometimes reaching hundreds of feet deep, by the early 1900's. The St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway is now part of the Union Pacific Railroad.