Historic Railroad Map of the Northeastern United States - 1855 - J.H. Colton & Co

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Map of the New York and Erie Railroad and its connections.

This outline map of the north-central and northeastern United States was published in 1855 by J.H. Colton & Co. It displays cities, forts, waterways, and the railroad system of 1855. The border is printed around the map simulating a wooden frame.

In 1851 the New York and Erie Railroad was completed from Dunkirk, New York to Piermont, New York. President Millard Fillmore, Secretary of State Daniel Webster and other dignitaries spoke before an interested crowd, and were given an inspection ride during the opening ceremony. The line consisted of a broad-gauge track that was six feet wide, much of which was built upon a low trestle. The railroad wasn’t converted to a standard (4 foot, 8 ½ inch) gauge until the mid-1870's.