Historic Railroad Map of the Southern United States - 1850

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Map of the Rabun Gap Railroad Route showing its connection with other roads finished, in progress and contemplated.

Railroad companies came and went In the 1850's, as speculators argued over the particulars of one route over another.

Rabun Gap is situated in a natural gap of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The gap has been used for centuries as a corridor through the mountains. A valued Georgia center for farming, the area was considered for the projected Rabun Gap Railroad. Railroad officials rallied for the line that was to transport agricultural products of the region to Athens, where a southwest connection was to lead towards Memphis, and a northern connection was to lead to Cincinnati. Unfortunately the line was never built.

This map drawn in the 1850's by William Keenan shows the railroad’s contemplated route with major stops, stations, and destinations. Other existing railroad lines are visible with mileage noted.