Historical Map of Santa Barbara, CA - 1898

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Santa Barbara, California 1898

The city of Santa Barbara became part of the United States in 1848, and during the next decade the city saw their population more than double due to the California Gold Rush. A railroad connecting Santa Barbara and Los Angeles was completed in 1887.

Illustrated on this map is the famous Arlington Hotel which was a luxurious three-story, 90 room complex built in 1875 on State Street between Victoria and Sola streets. The entire building fell victim to an immense fire in 1909.

This bird’s-eye-view was published in 1898 by P.E. Gifford and the Los Angeles Lithographic Co.

Border illustrations include:

Short’s Bicycle Store.
Hotel Mascarel.
Arlington House.
Cottage Hospital.
Clock Building.
Austin Building.
Fithian Building.
Manual Training School.
Christian School.
Kindergarten School.
Channel City Hall.
Hall of Records and County Court House.
Santa Barbara Clubhouse.
Woman’s Club Building.
Santa Barbara Mission.
First Baptist Church.
Unity Church.
First Presbyterian Church.
Grace M.E. Church.