New York City 1879, Fabric Giclee Print Wall Map

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Take a glimpse at the streets and waterways of New York City circa 1879. Travel to a time when the streets of this great metropolis were filled with horses and carriages. Many buildings may have changed through the years, but streets and parks of such a major metropolis tend to stay unchanged over time. This richly detailed map is reproduced on durable giclee printed fabric with cherry finished solid wood slats mounted at the top and bottom.

Giclee printing on UV resistant durable waterproof fabric prevents fading over time. Slats at top and bottom allow for easy hanging and mounting hardware is included. The finished product is a museum quality giclee print suitable for display in the most prestigious of art galleries.

New York 1879, Fabric Giclee Map
Item: AM-MC806
Size: 53.25" x 26"
Price: $200.00
Shipping weight: 6 lbs