Old World Map Wall Mural by Henricus Hondius - 1630

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This old world map wall mural is an enlarged reproduction of cartographer Henricus Hondius' 1630 world map. The decorative map was first published in the 1630 edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas. Surrounding the map's hemispheres are beautifully hand-colored engravings depicting portraits of Ptolemy, Mercator, Julius Caesar, and Hondius. Also bordering the ornate map are representations of the Earth's natural elements including fire, represented by Apollo driving the Sun's chariot; Aeros, the goddess of air, surrounded by clouds and birds; Mother Earth, surrounded by animals; and water represented by a siren and sea monsters.

A great mural for your home library, study, or office. Add a dramatic effect to any room.

The wall covering is printed on a heavy, durable, wet-strength paper. Mural comes in 8 easy to install panels and includes instructions and dry-strippable, cellulose paste.

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