Planet Earth Satellite Imagery of the World Wall Mural

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A stunning view of Planet Earth compiled from a wide array of NASA satellite-based observations. This wall mural of the entire Earth consists of a seamless true-color mosaic of satellite data including: land surface, oceans, and clouds. Natural cloud cover provides a perspective of the Earth as it appears from space. Clouds show frontal systems, storms, and tropical thunderheads. The Robinson projection is used to display this spectacular geographic presentation of the world.

A multitude of data sources were combined to produce this unique view of the Earth including land imagery with a spatial resolution of 500 meters based on NASA's MODIS instrumentation. Antarctica was compiled from the RAMP (Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project) AMM-1 SAR image mosaic and RAMP digital elevation model, both version 2. Topographic Shaded-relief is based on NASA SRTM elevation dataset. The cloud overlay is a composite of two days of imagery collected in visible light wavelengths and a third day of thermal infra-red imagery over the poles.

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