Ring of Fire Physical Wall Map w/ Volcano Locations

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7.00 pounds
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This map provides a detailed physical view of the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area composed of 75% of the world's volcanoes. Identified on the map are locations of numerous active and dormant volcano's that surround this 25,000 mile arc. 

The up-to-date map incorporates eye-catching visual relief of terrain with colorful shading to represent elevations; ocean floor bathymetric detail is also displayed. Ocean floor details that are identified include: oceanic trenches, plains, ridges, basins, and fracture zones. Clearly labeled on the map are: countries, major cities, national capitals, U.S. States, rivers and lakes.

This brilliantly colored physical map of the Ring of Fire will look great in your home, office, library, or classroom. 
A perfect map for anyone studying geology, seismology, or volcanology.

Available in four sizes, and in four finishing options including plain paper, laminated, laminated with wood rails, and a new repositionable peel and stick. See below for options.